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Yuasa Hiroshi G+ Update 140526

I am sorry for making you extremely worried for this time.
Currently, I am with Kawaei and Iriyama now.
I will update everyone about their condition when a detailed report is out.
Thank you.

Thank you for all your warm comments.
For now,
the mental care of the members is the priority.
I pray and wish that Iriyama, Kawaei and the staff a speedy recovery.

「63th NHK Kouhaku Utagasen」SKE48 solo performance announced!!

It has been decided that this year SKE48 would appear by itself in the 63rd NHK Kouhaku Utagasen.

After so long, it was announced today that SKE48 would perform independently in Kohaku.

This performance in Kohaku was the fans’ dreams, but also the wish of all the members and of all the staff.
Thus today I want to celebrate this announcement with everyone.
And also want to express my deepest gratitude to all of you who have been continuously supporting SKE48 until today.

Since the moment the decision has been made public I’ve received an incredible number of messages of support which warmed my heart and brought me an unfathomable happiness. For everything, I want to thank you again.

This year ended up being filled with happy events, with our exclusive theater opening soon, SKE48 entering the Guinness World Records and being invited to perform in Kouhaku.

We will work diligently for the time left in 2012 and capitalize on those chances we’ve been granted to reach even higher next year.

Just a few days left before the theater opening…
Look forward to it.

SKE48 Theater Manager - Hiroshi Yuasa

SKE48 Theater Manager’s, Hiroshi Yuasa, post-elections interview from AKB General Elections, swimsuit surprise publication 2012

Where we learn that : “a man can dream”. I’ve nothing against the idea of having more than 50% of the ranking girls being from SKE, but that sounds hardly achievable. Not unless the group gets massive media exposure very soon (programs aired nation-wide + advertisement contracts)…  


Q - In these elections, 15 SKE48 members ranked in, establishing an all-time record for the group. The hall kept swinging between sheer wonder and bursts of excitement.

Yuasa - In the ranking 6 SKE48 members were called successively in the Under Girls group right? There I felt an electric shock going through my body. To have 8 members, half the Under Girls, being from SKE48, when they are the group  representing the next generation, it’s really something amazing. That’s a result that was obtained thanks to the ardent feelings of the fans. Again, allow me to express my gratitude towards all of them.

Q - Were those results different from what you had imagined?

Yuasa - All considered, I was expecting that number of girls to rank in so number wise it went in accordance with my expectations. Press and all kind of commentators speak of a significant breakthrough but this is already the 4th time for SKE48 to participate in those general elections. For me it simply seems that everyone’s great efforts have finally started to visibly bear fruits.
This time the fact that Nakanishi (Yuka) ranked in was especially noticeable. It was possible thanks to new fans and older fans  joining forces.  I was reminded with these elections that numbers from handshake events are not everything.

Q - Is there any other member who caught your attention?

Research student Matsumura (Kaori). Even though she omits a lot of what the staff would tell her to do (laugh), she went herself to Google+ and managed to be noticed/recognized by fans there. She worked hard and gained favorable appreciations through a mean we had not considered. This result was astonishing.
But all the members have been through auditions and succeeded, so fundamentally they have the talent. So I want them to little by little distinguish themselves even if by taking slightly trifling actions. This time Nakanishi and Matsumura ranked in, I hope it will be a stimulus for all those who didn’t and I’d be happy if they worked hard from now on to make it in next time.

Q - How do you feel about Jurina-san ranking 9th and Rena-san ranking 10th?

Yuasa - To tell the truth, I was hoping for both of them to rank among the so called “kami 7”. However, just by looking at the numbers, you realize the AKB48’s wall/fence is tall. I talked with them both after the elections, Jurina had found a new goal already, while Rena reflected upon herself serenely. More than them, Takayanagi (Akane) and Kimoto (Kanon) had a hard time accepting their results. Especially Kimoto who wouldn’t stop crying. I talked with her for a good hour after the ceremony was over.

Q - Currently, all teams S, KII and E have vacant positions. Is there any chance of promotions in a near future?

Yuasa - Of course we are discussing the promotions, personally I want to promote members and have complete teams as soon as possible. As for when they will be announced…. please look forward to it! (laugh) (tln : TROLL!)

Q - Then to conclude, your ambitions for the times to come?

Yuasa - Surprisingly enough, SKE48’s degree of popularity is quite low in provincial areas. But, and that’s exactly why, we have room to grow “there”. Thus this year I want the group to organize or take part in many events as 「SKE48 」and win over the audience. And there I want to push forward not only the senbatsu members, but also those who unflaggingly give their best everyday.
If general elections were to be organized next year too… I honestly want to have more than half of the ranking being occupied by SKE48 members. Even though it is called AKB48 General Elections, I hope for SKE48 to have the numerical superiority. I want to hear again people say 「SKE48 is really incredible!」.

SKE48 General Elections Data

Seats possession rate : 23.4% (15 people among 64)

Election rate : 23.4% (15 people among 64)

  • Senbatsu  ………..2
  • Under Girls .………8
  • Next Girls …………2
  • Future Girls ………3

First time ranking : 8

Average age : 19.1 years old (as of June 6th, 2012)

Yuasa Hiroshi 2013/01/30 00:50

Thank you for the many mails you sent me.

Everyone’s feelings are so warm, I can’t help but cry.

Thank you for the love you show for SKE48.

I’ll soon have the occasion to directly express my gratitude to all of you, as well as talking  about things to come, so please wait until then.

With all my gratitude.