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Don't Say No
  • Don't Say No
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Shinki Chen - Don’t Say No

As it races into hyperspace stereo “War Pigs” tape-sped warp conclusion, the soothing Shinki Chen instrumental “Don’t Say Nowafts in like a summer breeze through opened window. In your head. Forever. Shinki collaborates here with drummer Hiroshi Oguchi and keyboardist Shigeki Watanabe (two musicians he’d team up with the following year in the short-lived and unrecorded band, Orange.)




Vodka Collins bandPink Soup” album promotional tour of Japan 1997.

1) Planning the tour with manager Masotoshi Osaku (left) and center Alan Merrill and on the right Hiroshi Oguchi.

2) Recording the album “Pink Soup” in Tokyo - playback and mix. L-R: Alan Merrill, Masayoshi Kabe and Hiroshi Oguchi.

3) Masayoshi Kabe and Hiroshi Oguchu, Vodka Collins bass and drums.

4) Alan Merrill sound check, Osaka.

5) Hotel elevator, Alan Merrill and Mosieur Kamayatsu, Osaka.

6) Vodka Collins live in Kyoto.

7) Alan Merrill with Vodka Collins, live in Osaka,

8) After the show, Alan Merrill, a club staffer (name unknown) and Hiroshi Oguchi.

9) Vodka Collins TV interview in Tokyo 1997.

10) Vodka Collins at Bar Amrta, Nishi Azabu Tokyo.


Alan Merrill and Hiroshi Oguchi’s first meeting in 17 years at the Plaza hotel New York 1989 planning the first Vodka Collins reunion as “Practice Of Silence,” a covert name for the old band. 

The Japanese rock band Vodka Collins broke up as a band in 1974 and started up again in 1990. The team of Oguchi and Merrill were the band’s founding members in 1971.

Photos by Kimie Shingyoji.