Takashi Murakami has done a few sculptures  (towering more than life size) about boobs in anime art. Hiropon is one that is burned in my memory (not particularly in a good way)  after seeing it in person at the Denver Art Museum and he just made a new one  titled 3-Meter Girl.  I can’t fault that he is making interesting and sometimes beautiful things but his art doesn't really do a lot for me. 

  This guy’s work is very interesting; definitely worth checking out.


Don’t miss the companion piece for men “My Lonesome Cowboy”.


A Maru Matsuri Desu yo, Azazel-san Z Event (Evening session)

Toyonaga Toshiyuki and Kamiya Hiroshi performing a simulation for this one girl who has trouble of wanting to hold hands with her new boyfriend. So she asks the cast for help! And of course Kamiya takes it to another level xD 

Tosshi is playing the girl while Kamiya is playing the guy.

Toyonaga Toshiyuki: Hiropon, today was fun!
Kamiya Hiroshi: Ahh really? I’m glad, thank goodness.
Toyonaga Toshiyuki: I had a lot of fun!
Kamiya Hiroshi: Well it did look like you had a fun time.
Toyonaga Toshiyuki: Where are we going next?
Kamiya Hiroshi: Next, a hotel of course.
Toyonaga Toshiyuki: Eh? A hotel? Wait! Hiropon! HIROPON!!!
Onosaka Masaya: WAIT!!! COME BACK HERE!! HURRY UP!! WHAT KIND OF ACT WAS THAT?! Where you go, “Ok” and “Alright”, of course not! You idiot! Hurry up and come over here! You idiot! Stupid! Stupid!! Stupid!!
Iwata Mitsuo: Hey!! What were you doing over there?!


Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu - Winners and Losers

Other visitors to the show included Matsuda Hiro (Ikejiri), Torigoe Yuuki, and Kitano Satsuki, among others.  

Hiropon got goosebumps as he watched, and intensely reminded of what a wonderful company the Haikyuu cast is.  

ROOT FIVE - Announcement (11/1)

ROOT FIVE (Official): It’s already 00:00 (11/1). Here is an announcement.
[4-ROOT FIVE will be reborn] Here we will announce real name of each members.
Pokota → Egawa Naoki
Mi-chan → Iwashiro Yuuma
Kettaro → Fujitani Keitarou
koma’n → Komazawa Hiroto

ROOT FIVE (Official): Originally, each member started their activities as solo singer. They used nicknames instead of their real names. Since ROOT FIVE is a group, we decided to use members’ real names instead of their nicknames starting from now on. That to be say, everyone, you could call each member as you like (using their real names)!

Keitarou: It’s already the first of November. Please take a good care of us starting from now on. I am Fujitani Keitarou. Feel free to call me by anything you like!!

Keitarou: Anyway, in real life, I’ve been called ‘Kei-chan’ or ‘Kei-kun’

Keitarou: Well~ I do not mind being called Kettaro though! Even my close friends called me Kettaro! (Sako) Tomohisa has always been called T-kun and I guess it’s the same as him?!

Hiroto: You guys either can call me koman-chan or koman-san-nii-san or koma-chan or hi-kun or hiropon or komazawa or chibi (small) or anything you like

Yuuma: Starting from now on, I’ll be using my real name - Iwashiro Yuuma - for any ROOT FIVE’s activities! lt’s alright to call me by Mi-chan! Don’t you think changing from calling me by Yuuma-kun a bit weird!? But from now on, please take care of us ٩( ΘωΘ)

Yuuma: Basically, I’ll go along with the name ‘yuma’ instead of ‘Mi-chan’ at my activities concerning ROOT FIVE and Rabbit Square!

Naoki: Yay \(^o^)/ I am Naoki of ROOT FIVE☆〜(ゝ。∂)