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This is beginning to get a little frustrating, so for some clarification:

This is Haruda Kudo. She was literally two years old when the FMA manga first came out. She is not Arakawa.

This is Park Romi. She is the voice actress for Edward Elric. She is not Arakawa.

This woman, while unnamed, is not actually Arakawa. From the information provided online she is likely to be a coworker or someone to represent Arakawa.

The woman in the center is the real Arakawa.

This is her, again.

Okay, I have four (im so scatter brained) fics in the works and two of those should be done soon. Those two are a Kenny Omega Smut and a Hiromu Takahashi Smut! If you would like to be tagged in either of these please let me know!


Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters : Final Live Tour 2013

~Main Cast’s Final Speeches to the Audience on the last day of the tour.~

Date: April 21 2013

~  Actors Pictured:

  • Hiromu Sakurada - Katsuhiro Suzuki (Pic: 7)
  • Ryuji Iwasaki - Ryouma Baba  (Pic 6)
  • Yoko Usami  - Arisa Komiya (Pic 5
  • Masato Jin - Hiroya Matsumoto (Pic 4)
  • Enter - Syo Jinnai  (Pic 3)
  • Escape - Ayame Misaki (Pic 2)
  • Takeshi Kuroki -  Hideo Sakaki  (Pic 1)

Farewell Go-Busters.

Katsuhiro, Arisa, Hiroya, Syo and Ayame were brought to tears although Arisa tried so hard not to try that she said “I’m not going to cry at all” and all out during her speech she didn’t break down so much compared to the others.

ukiyaseed - If You’re a Go-Busters fan, you’d probably like this gifset.

spiteandsparkles  asked:

I am thinking about Hromu buying Daryl a ticket to disneyland and not understanding when he is told that Daryl doesn't need a ticket. Also, Daryl on all the rides. And Naito trying to act all 'tranquilo', but actually being super excited.

This is a good and nice thing to be thinking about. Thank you for putting it in my ask because now I can be thinking about this good and nice thing and so can the people who follow me on tumblr dot com. tranquilo to all and to all goodbye and goodnight

anonymous asked:

i wonder how much heat fale is gonna get from fans for what he did to daryl. more importantly i wonder when hiromu is going to exact his revenge for daryl's honor.

nothing but nuclear heat for daryl’s murderer. also, hiromu might actually kill fale. that is, assuming naito doesn’t do it first.

anonymous asked:

How about a list of 5 kamen rider/Sentai crossover you'd like to see (I think I know who'd be your number 1, Choo choo)

5. kabuto/go-busters - hiromu’s super speed with the kabuto riders’ clock up powers would be so cool, but mainly i want tendou and jin to ruin each other’s lives

4. ghost/goseiger - the bond between ghosts and angels is Real

3. wizard/magiranger - it’d be so good. houka would get dates with both haruto and rinko, makito and nitoh would become best friends immediately because of how embarrassing they both are, and now that im thinking about it tsubasa/shunpei would be very good. why hasn’t this happened yet

2. fourze/kyuranger - space. friends. friends in space. 

1. den-o/toqger - this thing writes itself but mr. toei is a Coward