It’s raining men. Hallelujah…

Storm Lover Series: A Guide… Of Sorts.

(Will somebody please tell Yamato to fix his pants? Seriously…)


Rejet Fes 2014

Before & After Discover Game Corner!
Hatano Wataru is being called up to represent the middle team! While his team mates look around they also tease him too xD

Hatano Wataru: You guys are a bit close. Just a bit too close! Just too close! You’re too close!! Too close!! You’re really close!! 
Midorikawa Hikaru: I have to embed that shape into my mind.
Hatano Wataru: Just where are you remembering this shape?!
Miura Hiroaki: Will you be alright? That shape won’t change anytime soon right? Will you be ok?
Hatano Wataru: The shape… Well… It will change of course. Well if it’s being stared at! Then…
Matsukaze Masaya: You have a period of 2 minutes (to prepare). Go ahead!
Hatano Wataru: Alright!
Kishio Daisuke: Within those 2 minutes, change that shape alright.

Of course they have to insert sexual innuendos xD 

May 13th, 2014


Today’s stage play was suspended♪

I did an interview with the magazine Emagura♪

I had so much fun at the location♪
I’m looking forward to its release♪

For dinner

I ate with staff

And daddy Iwanaga Hiroaki♪

It was so much fun to get together after such a long time♪

Tomorrow too,

I’ll do my best♪