Shimono Hiro facts~

» born in 21 April 1980
» from Tokyo prefecture
» blood type
» employed by I’m Enterprise
» is 168cm tall
» belonged to the acting club in high school
» he is the only boy in the family, with 1 older sister and 2 younger sisters
» the series which inspired him to become a seiyuu was ‘The Irresponsible Captain Tylor’
» in his 3rd year of middle school, he was really stressed by his exams and furthermore, her was dumped by his first girlfriend. This made him really admire the main character of the said series and he wanted to become someone like him in the future. While listening to the radio of the series, he thought that 'ah, so there was such a fun world’ which this inspired him to become a seiyuu
» as every Hiro tan fan, you should know this, he LOVES KARAGE. he can even remember which karage is what flavor and from which brand
» he is often teased (usually by people around his age) for his virgin voice and face.
» some fans call him the always consistent virgin voice seiyuu
» he loves drinking(alcohol)


from Scared Rider Xechs Night Event. Mamo-chan’s mic stand move on its own and he did a total adlib, to the point Hiro-tan might die from laughing so much!!

Anyway, enjoy watching this funny part from the event ^^

Shimono Hiro’s 3rd single: 「Running High」

Following his 2nd Single, 「ONE CHANCE」, Hiro-tan gets to sing another single this March although I remembered that his first single 「-REAL-」was also released in March around this time last year ehe how time flies. Honestly, I love how the PVs fashion scheme is changed from song-to-song like in “Real” its Leather and “One Chance” its Army Green and in “Running High” its Denim a cool fashion reference I must say

But this is what I want to ramble about.. LINK IS BELOW THE CUTE BTW:)

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Oh man.. I’m really missing Radio Misty.. I really miss this two together in that loud and hilarious radio program. It was my only companion when I was finishing my Programming Project.. I really miss the lively Yuu-tan’s fooling around with Hiro-tan. They’re like my favorite seiyuu buddies even more than OnoD & HiroC. Listening to them gave me the energy to continue my work even without sleep. Maaaan.. I’m so miserable cause the PC that had my complete audio collection of Radio Misty broke, I had no other back-up, and I’ve already forgotten the source where I found those precious collection of mp3 files..

Do you guys have any idea where to find a complete audio collection of ‘Shimono Hiro to Kaji Yuki no Radio Misty’ radio program? If I remembered correctly, someone uploaded them on Mediafire, but I can’t remember the link anymore..