hiro the brave


Titanic AU– Part One

Featuring: Merida, Jack Frost, Hiccup, Rapunzel, Tadashi, Hiro, the dudes from El Dorado, and…the rest. XD

I plan to release multiple parts. If anyone has any ideas, message me! I’ll credit you. ;)


Hiro calling Ando brave (✿◠‿◠)

Okay I don’t think this topic is discussed enough. Big Hero 6 is a brilliant movie because it touches on abstract concepts and goes into no further detail and focuses on the important story at hand. However, it left me baffled: Hiro and Baymax had touched on something that no one else had ever seen before. The portal led to this place, this mystical place that looks as if it is a part of space just full of matter. Hero is dumbfounded but focuses his energy in saving people. Just imagine, The World Between Worlds is a passageway to other worlds or maybe even other times. As this movie are the heroes origin story I can see where a sequel would be made in which we discover the true deaths of Hiro’s parents and the killer still being at large, harnessing this portal through some other means. (Note how Hero reminds Tadashi that their parents both died when he was 3. BOTH DIED. The odds of that being a coincidence is very low –could there be something else gruesome involved in the deaths of Hiro’s parents?) 

This seen with what I consider the world between worlds is one of the most mystifying scenes in animated history for me and that’s because we literally know nothing about it and I feel this otherworldly tingle run down my spine as I consider the tantamount of possibilities this place could go!