hiro nakumura

Favorite Heroes Moment #2
  • Hiro: We are searching for a formula that...
  • Adam: A formula? I knew it'd come back to bite them in the ass one day. Even I told them to destroy it.
  • Ando: So you know who would steal it?
  • Adam: Maybe... If I tell you, what's in it for me?
  • Hiro: When we have finished our mission, I promise to put you in a most spacious cell.
  • Ando: With a window!
  • Hiro: And a vent.
  • Adam: Forget it.
  • Hiro: Okay, back you go
  • Adam: Wait! You little Japanese Nazi! Let me think! Let's see, off the top of my head, I'd say your villain is Angela Petrelli.
  • Hiro: She's the one who asked us to find the formula.
  • Adam: I see. Well then, I'm fresh out of ideas.