How Gray react when Juvia wanted hug him...

Normally, Gray will try to avoid from being hugged by Juvia like this:

But now, instead of pushing her away,  he let her hugged him for a while:

Maybe Gray finally started to fall in love with Juvia … ( or maybe he actually did fall in love her for a long time but then he just too tsundere (?) to realise it… Well, this is Gray we’re talking about…)

Fairy Tail Pick Up Lines~♡ (Girls)

Lucy: You should consider yourself LUCKY to have a girl like me to  be your LOVE LIFE.


Juvia: No wonder why the SKY’S GREY today, cause all the BLUE is in your eyes.

Levy: You’re like a DICTIONARY, you add MEANING to my life!

Wendy: Is your name “SWIFFER”? Cause you just SWEPT me OFF my feet.

Mirajane: You’re so HOT you made the DEVIL sweat.

Lisanna:  I’m glad that I’m still ALIVE and actually had a CHANCE to meet you.

Cana: I’m not DRUNK. I’m just INTOXICATED by you.

Bisca: You had a very good AIM. Cause you just SHOOT my heart with your eyes.

Mavis: If I could STAY anywhere. It will be your HEART.

Sherry: Do you believe in LOVE at FIRST SIGHT? Or should I walked again?

Chelia: If I had to choose between BREATHING and LOVING you, I would say “I Love You” with my LAST breath.

Millianna: Are you a CAT? Cause you are PURRRRFECT.

To : Hiro Mashima


I wish you all the best! You have always worked so hard (so so hard tbh) for the fans and as one of them, I don’t really know how I should repay you. Ever since I knew Fairy Tail, I knew it would become successful, and it did! One of the Big 5 ♡

It inspires me so much, Hiro. And yeah, you break my heart almost everytime with this series. Don’t you know that it’s harder to fix a broken heart than a broken glass? Most girls or boys cry because they break up with their girlfriend/boyfriend or not having one (well at least in my society - in my country), but I cry because watching & reading Fairy Tail. Call me weird, but it’s the truth.

I learn to treasure my friends and family, to value my life, to live every single day to the fullest, to never give up before trying. I also learn to have courage, to open up to people (well I’m working for this one), and to trust others.

You show me that crying is not a symbol of weakness, fear is not evil, and making mistakes is normal.

And more importantly, you teach me to keep believing and hoping that my dreams will surely come true!

Stay healthy & keep up the good work. More successful in the future :) Hope you will visit Indonesia sometime~ Fairy Tail fans are quite many in this country and I believe they are dying to meet you personally ;) *including me!*

お誕生日おめでとうございます, 真島ヒロ!!! 私たちはあなたを愛してます! 😂😗😎

-Henny, 16 years old.


they’re like my babes I can’t I just can’t. Now I posted this because I thought it might be how juvia will possibly feel after Gray tells her how he should be given an Oscar?

Anyway. I have mixed feelings at the moment, but am I grateful for that synchronised stripping? Fu*ck yeah I am.

One last note before I leave you awesome human beings, I am so so sorry I haven’t been posting these days and I have no excuse what so ever so as a sorry I promise I’ll be posting more during summer- as you can see in the drawing I oh so shamelessly advertised my possible AU series Gang!fairytail
I’ll be drawing all the characters and etc. I don’t think I’ll be posting much other than liking and all that jazz because GCSEs

Remember we love you guys
- Etchy sketch