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The Cast of Musical Kuroshitsuji: Lycoris that blazes the earth 2015 (2/2)

  • AKANE LIV (Madam Red) 
  • Araki Hirofumi (Lau) 
  • Uehara Takuya (Grell Sutcliff) 
  • Teruma (William T. Spears) 
  • Yata Yusuke (Charles Grey) 
  • Hirose Yusuke (Charles Phipps) 
  • Takagi Shun (Fred Abberline) 
  • Terayama Takeshi (Sharp Hanks)

I hope one day the fandom can give these people the credit they deserve.


Shoujo Moments: Top 10 Favorite Pairings

Kurosaki x Teru / Dengeki Daisy • Mamura x Suzume / Hirunaka No Ryuusei • Tomoe x Nanami / Kamisama Hajimemashita • Miyamura x Hori / Horimiya Yanagi x Kujou / Last Game • Hak x Yona Akatsuki No Yona • Haru x Shizuku / Tonari No Kaibutsu-kun • Hiro x Mao / Taiyou No Ie • Ren x Kyoko / Skip Beat! • Zen x Shirayuki / Akagami No Shirayukihime


One of the reasons why I love Fukuoka is because I surprisingly see more Arashi here than in Osaka-Tokyo. Especially last year when they were still Kirin’s endorser, billboards/posters were on every bus station.

I love my Arashi and I’m glad Fukuoka loves them too. 😂😂

Otamart Seiyuu Ranking

●Q. Please tell us the name of the 3D Seiyuu/Idol/Artist who you thought was a hit this year.

1. Miyano Mamoru
2. Kamiya Hiroshi
3. Aoi Shouta

4. Minase Inori
5. Kaji Yuki
6. Sakurai Takahiro
7. Saito Soma
8. Masuda Toshiki
9. Ono Daisuke
10. Shimono Hiro

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like real people do

prompt/summary: There’s a sort of courage in seeking happiness in a world that insists on hiding it.

Alternatively: Akane tries going on a date with one of her compatibility matches and ends up getting hamburgers with Kougami instead. Because of course.

AO3 link


She had just wanted a quiet, normal night.

Akane rarely asked for much.

But this was bullshit.

It had already been one thing when Kagari eavesdropped on her argument with her parents to take her compatibility matches more seriously. Another thing when he and Karanomori had cornered her and attempted to relay some romantic advice. And another when she had started off the night by spilling water into her date’s lap when she leaned over the table to shake his hand.

But of course even the city’s lowest wouldn’t be deterred to go out of their way either to ensure that this night would end in the worst possible scenario for her.

This is what happens when you try to have fun, she muttered in her head.

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