hiro kala


Hiro-Kala had been in and out of his room more frequently. Where he had gone, no one was sure. He avoided going into the room days ago because he detected Fenrir’s presence. The last thing he wanted was to meet him considering what had been happening. It was for both of their sakes.

So Hiro had taken to hiding out in the library. He did homework and read for leisure. However, he took to sleeping in a back corner of the library in a section he felt no one ever visited, so he slept there undisturbed. 

It was probably not his best idea, but it was for his brother’s own good that he did not get into any confrontations. 

Restless || Banner Brothers

Hiro-Kala paced back and forth in the room they now shared. He had heard rumours of what had happened to his brother and he had not been back yet. It worried him. He would go off looking for him, but where would he look? 

He didn’t have a phone yet, so he couldn’t call him. So Hiro-Kala restlessly waited his twin’s return. stopping himself from hunting down the guy who hurt Skaar.