I saw Big Hero 6 in theaters when I was Hiro’s age, and I absolutely loved it! I related to Hiro so much and looked up to Tadashi like the older brother I never had. Then recently, while I was shopping for college, I realized that I was now actually Tadashi’s age. That just seems so impossible to me. I still feel like Hiro and view Tadashi like a big brother



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What are your favorite crossover Hiro ships? Either m/m or m/f and doesn’t have to be in order

Hm, probably Hiro/Miguel. It’s kinda hard to put into words why, but basically because they have a lot in common, while still being different. I’m sure they’d get along great and have this adorable relationship.

Hiro/Sora is also really adorable (I know they’re in the same game now, but it’s technically still a crossover ship, because Kingdom Hearts is a crossover game). I blame my friend for getting me into it…

And I haven’t seen a lot of it, but Hiro/Marinette is also really cute.

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Ace!Hiro anon: regarding your headcanon on Hiro being bisexual, I can see where you’re coming from on not wanting Hiro to have a love interest and tbh I’d be more tolerable of Karmiro if Karmi was a male character (and nicer to Hiro). Even though I hc Hiro is ace, I wouldn’t be opposed to him being gay/bi/pan and having a canon boyfriend. There needs to be more mlm couples in children’s media, not another het romance just because it’s interracial.

Yeah, same. Though, I don’t want Hiro to have a love interest. I would never say no to him having a boyfriend, because mlm couples in media are so, so much more important than personal headcanons and preferences.