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Other than take the implicit bias test, are there other ways to day ways to "fix" my own biases? Any best practices for encouraging friends and/or coworkers to address their own bias especially if they might not know they have one?

The best solution you can implement against biases is to change processes and systems.  My expertise is around hiring, so I’ll highlight hiring and recruitment strategies:.  Remove identifying information (name, address, school) from resumes when you are reviewing them.  Conduct structured interviews that only let interviewers assess candidates on the skills that are appropriate for the job.  When assessing for culture fit, use the true definition - whether or not someone aligns with your organization’s values, NOT “do I want to hang out with them” or “do they laugh at my jokes?”  Make all interviewer’s feedback public to the other interviewers after all interviews have been completed.  When interviewers know their feedback will be read by others they tend to behave better.  Use quantitative measures to score each candidate.  All of these not only help to mitigate unconscious bias, but also result in a better hiring decision.  Who wouldn’t want that?

Freelance Writers Wanted!

We’re seeking experienced freelance science writers to contribute to SciShow, one of YouTube’s most viewed and trusted sources of science information.

Our videos cover everything from what dinosaurs tasted like to the light spectrum of antimatter. We look for the weirdest, most fascinating science stories out there, and we share them with viewers who are as passionate about science as we are.

We talk to people with intelligence, clarity, hopefully a little wit, and most of all, an abiding sense of wonder about the universe.

We’re looking for writers to contribute to the main SciShow channel, which covers a broad range of topics, as well as writers with more specific expertise to contribute to our other channels:

–space writers, for SciShow Space
–psychology writers, for SciShow Psych

Applicants should have an academic background in a scientific discipline, and demonstrated experience writing about science for a popular, non-academic audience.

Your writing must be:

–100% bullet-proof and fact-checked accurate;
–completely freaking fascinating;
–entertaining, by which we mean “witty” more than just “funny”; and
–passionate about imparting hard science to humanity in a way that is both educational and engaging.

If your experience hits these marks, then prove it!

Fill out and submit this application by November 26.

The Illustration Department at Floyd County Productions is hiring! Anatomy, a good handle on perspective, an understanding of 2D lighting and shadow are all important skills. Knowledgeable in Photoshop and Illustrator is a must, and a background in keyframe animation isn’t bad either!

Send your portfolios and inquiries to

Hey all! I’m on the lookout for an additional back-end coder to help bring Mythaura to life. If this sounds like you, please don’t hesitate to send me your CV and rates to!

Laravel PHP Developer
- Proficient with the PHP Laravel framework.
- cPanel & WHM knowledge.
- Understanding of CentOS, SSH, mySQL, git repos, HTML/CSS/JS.

Tasks will include working with pre-existing front-end layouts, database config, additional PHP/Laravel config, and working within a team environment via Discord.

Signal boosts always appreciated ❤

Luck of the Job.

When some other Autistics see my recent success in employment, they sometimes jealously think “he got lucky.” or “he’s one of the lucky ones.” and guess what? They are right…I got lucky. And that’s the problem.

Of the 15 years, I was legally allowed to gain employment, less than 7 were spent actually employed at all, and that was with years of unemployment and jobseeking in-between. Most of those jobs were luck too. Either my mom begged them to hire me, I knew someone who worked there, or they were desperate, all of which involved a string of luck. It wasn’t until I had proven myself in a field that I didn’t want to be in that I was able to get a second and third job in that field. Which brings us to my current full-time job in Multimedia.

Luck. I have a huge skill set, a portfolio, I have a degree, I have work experience, but none of that panned out for me since my graduation from college in 2008. I got turned down for internships, for jobs at my college, (even with 2 letters of recommendation from 2 heads of 2 different departments. one of which was in my chosen field) I had trouble getting “any job” and there was no chance at breaking into my chosen field in sight.

But I lucked out. I had just gotten married, got laid off from my job with Microsoft, and was running out of unemployment after looking for months. But they had a need, the last guy botched his chance, I had a hiring company vouching for me (Even if they had almost burned the bridge down with the last guy) and I was deeply determined to get this job. The right things fell into place, and I got the job.

It helped that the person who interviewed me saw something in me, thought better of his hesitations (due to issues with the last guy) and gave me a shot albeit with a somewhat comedic string of stipulations that would see me losing the job if ever triggered. This string of lucky breaks gave me the shot that ended in me becoming one of the most important parts of this team.

It was luck. And that is pathetic. Nobody should have to beg for a job, endlessly apply for thousands of jobs hearing nothing back, and get to where they do a background check on themselves just to make sure nobody is using their identity. Nobody should have to wait years for the right string of events to take place to get a single job. I’ve read countless articles, taken countless classes, rewritten my resume a hundred time, and it was LUCK that got me the job almost 7 years after receiving my degree.

And the fact that I flourished into one of their best, most competent, most innovative employees tells me that it was never my fault. It was society’s fault. Whether interviewers knew I was diagnosed or not changed nothing. If they didn’t know, they felt like something was wrong with me and wrote me off. If they did know, they were not educated enough in what Autism meant, still felt like something was wrong with me, and wrote me off.

According to The National Autistic Society, 15-16% of Autistic adults have a full-time job. 32% are in any kind of paid work at all which in non-disabled people is 80% and yet 77% of us want to be employed. In total, the combined unemployment and underemployment for young adults with autism has been up to 90% in some places. Society…you are failing us.

We as Autistics have done our best to meet you half-way. When that didn’t work, we met you all the way. When THAT didn’t work, we kept trying endlessly until we either gave up, went on disability, or became homeless. You are judging us on face value, purposely blocking us from employment, then subsequently judging us for our inability to find and keep work. We learn the rules, we play the game, we go through the proper channels, but after that, we are not in our way. You are.

So…Do you want innovation at your company? Hire an Autistic. Do you want to find the answers to questions you didn’t even know existed? Hire an Autistic. Do you want someone who craves structure so much they follow the rules to a T? Hire an Autistic. Do you want to be the part of society that finally gets out of its own way by getting out of ours? Then you need to hire an Autistic. Because you can’t survive on luck. For that, you need a job.

-Nathan Alan McConnell


Imagine Loki hiring you as his manager while he slowly takes over Midgard again. You are to manage his PR, his daily schedule, and you also are his guide to everything Midgardian. He doesn’t make it easy for you, though. He causes trouble, doesn’t listen to your advice very often, and in general, annoys and intimidates you. He is the God of Mischief after all, and you are the nearest target available to him. You suffer through his antics because he pays well and also, you don’t know what might befall you if you refuse him. He is kinda scary after all.

However, slowly, his mischief towards you becomes more intimate in nature. Your attempts at dating suffer weird setbacks, you aren’t allowed any leaves, and Loki crowds your personal space way too often. You have no idea how to deal with this side of him, but he sure knows how to push all your buttons. Secretly, you like the attention, as you do find him devastatingly attractive. But you desperately want to keep everything professional and try to ignore it. It all comes to a point where he grows strangely possessive of you and you can no longer push it under the rug. And then, one fine day, you find yourself in his embrace, seduced and compromised, wondering how the hell did you end up here.


Don’t be nervous going into this job interview. You don’t have to pretend to be someone you aren’t. You are a qualified candidate for this position(that’s why you are getting an interview.) Focus on your strengths as a person. Be able to talk about how you can turn negative situations into positive. Don’t think of this interview as your last chance to make it, there are other jobs out there for you. This is just another interview. You got this. You are going to do amazing. Breathe. Go into this confident and show them why they should hire you. Good luck. 


Hey guys, we’re looking to expand our developer team for Beta to lighten the workload that we have scheduled for the coming months. We’re be looking for professional, experienced developers in various fields, so please review the criteria below - if you feel that your skills fit what we are looking for, please email with your portfolio, resume, preferred rates, and Dappervolk username/ID if applicable.

Here are the types of developers that we are currently looking to hire:


  • Experience making HTML5 games with high compatibility for all browsers
  • Experience in Construct2, Phaser, CreateJs
  • Experience with Game Optimization. Ie. reducing CPU load
  • Other HTML5 game engine experience is a bonus!
  • Able to do game maintenance, bug fixes, gameplay adjustments/edits on existing games as well as new games
  • Willing to work closely with back end developers to implement games, scoring systems, validation logic
  • Experience with online realtime multiplayer browser games


  • Backend: PHP (Laravel framework)/MySQL
  • Frontend: HTML/Javascript (JQuery)/SASS
  • UI/User Experience Design
  • Experience with Server Stability
  • Experience/understanding of the Pet/Avatar site niche

For both of these positions, we’re looking for someone who is professional, communicative, knowledgeable about the pet/avatar site niche, and can mesh well with the team. We’re primarily looking for a minigame programmer at this time, but also putting out feelers for a suitable full stack dev in the future.

Note that although we’d like to reply to each and every application sent in to us, we will not be able to due to the volume of said applications. You will get a reply if we’re interested or if we have further questions for you.

Thank you for reading, and feel free to share this around to spread the word!          

[Guide] Questions to Ask a Company In An Interview

You’re in the middle of an interview and the conversation seems to be going well…until the interviewer hits you with that dreaded question: “Do you have any questions for me?”

Many of us have been in this position before.  Numerous times throughout my career, I’ve made the mistake of going into an interview without having prepared a good set of questions to handle the situation I described above.  I end up winging it which has a 50/50 shot of actually working.  Sometimes, I get lucky and can think of something quickly enough to keep the conversation flowing seemingly naturally (and I can breathe an internal sigh of relief) but many other times, it results in a horrible awkward silence, broken only by my “uhhh”s and “hmmm”s while I try to think of something, followed by the less than ideal, “Actually, I think you just about covered everything!”  Regardless of whether or not I have come off as unprepared to them, I feel super unprepared in that moment and it throws off my interviewing mojo.

So to prevent this, I’ve compiled a template consisting of a list of solid, general questions I personally have asked in interviews that seemed to have gone over pretty well.  I originally made this as a reference for myself but thought it might be useful to share it with all of you.  If you think of any of your own, or have suggestions for what has worked for you, let me know and I’ll append them to this post!


Questions to Ask a Company In An Interview

Company Goals/Vision

  • Where is the company trying to go?  What do you think is the company’s long term mission/vision?
  • Who is the company’s target market/audience/client?
  • Who are some of the company’s biggest clients?
  • Have you already released your product? (Is it live?)
  • How successful has your product been so far?
  • Who are some of your competitors?

Company Financials (Startup-oriented)

  • What is the funding process? (eg. How often does the company raise?  Which series?)
  • How does the company acquire funding?
  • Who are some of the company’s investors?
  • Is the company profitable?  (Does the company generate income?)

Company Demographics/Culture

  • How big is the company?  What is the current number of total employees?
  • How many people are on the engineering team?
  • How many women are on the engineering team?
  • If the percentage of women engineers is low, what are some of the ways the company is trying to increase that percentage?
  • What is the management structure? (flat? hierarchical?)
  • If the management structure is flat, how does the company plan on scaling?
  • How do you see the company structure changing as the company grows?
  • What is the typical engineering schedule? (lots of overtime or emphasis on work/life balance?)
  • What are the typical hours people usually come into and leave the office?
  • Are employees allowed to work from home?
  • How many people work remotely?

Engineering Specifics

  • Are you currently more interested in language/platform specialists (e.g. Objective-C programmer) or software engineering generalists?
  • What are the primary languages and platforms engineers at your company work in?
  • What is your code stack?
  • What is the build environment like?
  • Is testing automated? (unit tests, integration tests, etc.)
  • What would I be doing?
  • What kind of problems would I be solving?  Can you give me some examples?

Meta questions about the Interview

  • What are the next steps?
  • Is there anything in particular I should prepare?
  • Is there a particular language you will be testing me in?
  • (If the person you are speaking with reached out to you first) I imagine you’ve already seen my LinkedIn profile or my resume – What made you initially interested in reaching out to me?
  • Do you have any other questions for me?


If you have any questions you want to add, post them in the comments or hit me up on Twitter (@blackfemcoders)!  Happy interviewing! :)

Looking for a writer!

Hi, guys! We have a paid position here, with the potential for more work in the future. Please note that you must be 18 or older to apply!

We’re looking for a writer for an otome game we’ve had in development for a while now. You should be comfortable writing the following: fantasy, fantasy races, GxB romance, female protagonist, and mild violence. The game also contains sexual/adult scenes, but you will not be asked to write these; they will be taken care of separately.

The project will likely be a long term one; assume it’ll take one year or more to complete. You should really be able to commit to this.


- Should be able to write a minimum of 3,000 words per week, in order to stay on schedule.

- Must finish one “chapter” per month. Lengths may vary. More flexibility will be given for the longer chapters.

- May need to fix/correct/edit certain sections if they don’t match up to the outlines provided.

- Payment will be provided per finished “chapter,” upon the completion of any required alterations, via PayPal.

If you’re chosen, you will be provided with a basic agreement, which is just to make sure we’re both on the same page.

If that sounds interesting to you, please send the following information to (we won’t be accepting applications anywhere else!):

- Your name/pen name

- Confirmation that you’re 18 or older

- Relevant experience

- Writing samples

- Rate (ideally in USD)

- Turnaround time

Thanks so much! If you have any questions, make sure to send them directly to!

Loki and the Minion

TITLE: Loki and the Minion


AUTHOR: latent-thoughts

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki hiring you as his manager while he slowly takes over Midgard again. You are to manage his PR, his daily schedule, and you also are his guide to everything Midgardian. He doesn’t make it easy for you, though. He causes trouble, doesn’t listen to your advice very often, and in general, annoys and intimidates you. He is the God of Mischief after all, and you are the nearest target available to him. You suffer through his antics because he pays well and also, you don’t know what might befall you if you refuse him. He is kinda scary after all.

RATING: T for now, will change later.


A/N: Basically Loki being a diva, and a Disney Prince. Sort of… 


Victory… Conquest… Subjugation…

Merely words concluding the struggle between two parties in opposition. A simple enough concept, but a rather difficult accomplishment.

You win at it once, and everyone thinks you invincible. You fail at it once, and everyone takes you for granted.

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