In case it isn’t clear, the design in the top right corner is meant to be an inset of the design on Doli’s shirt.

I was bored a few days ago and messing around when I remembered this character creator website I had found a year or two ago (you’ll want a good adblocker). LOTS has been added (including making male characters) and its now NSFW because otaku fanservice. But I digress. Amongst the many added things were two zipper options in the belt selection for the accessories tab. So I decided to see if I could make a stuffed animal like thing and ended up with Hiril’s intial design after playing around with the random button in each tab and color option for a bit. Manes is demonstrating the zipper pouch thing in the pic above. Then (of course) my brain wanted to make a story with the character and it apparently focused on those pupilless eyes and the randomized mushroom to give it a bit of horror (more on that after I’ve had some sleep).

(from left to right): Birget Starke, Hiril, Abyssinia Carmina Dominai Coelanthi III*, Manes (mah-ness), Doli Naranga, Ool

*her initials are 100% unintentional

About their names:
Common English names get really boring after reading the over and over and over again, so I wanted to do something different. Birget is a 2nd generation Norwegian immigrant. ACDC3′s name was inspired by the psuedonym Hanalore gives here (and they’re both neurotic/crazy heiresses). Doli is half Navajo (mother’s side) and half Hindi. The troglins’ names are all typos I made hammering out the human bios. “Troglin” is a portmanteau of “troll” and “goblin”.

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         The medical examiner gently grasped Maeve’s hand and then took a slight bow. He closed his eyes as his lips briefly met the back of the woman’s hand.

          “Le suilon! Êl síla erin lû e-govaned vîn, Hiril vuin,” he greeted her with a bright smile upon his fleshy lips. From the moment he had met Maeve, he had always felt her beauty was otherworldly, ethereal, and thus he treated her accordingly..