Uta no Prince Sama Maji 2000% Love Opening - “Kanon” by Miyano Mamoru.

As amazing as the closing is with all the LOLs dancing and eyecandy, I think I like the opening more (this is assuming it goes the same route 1000% did). Not only do I have a soft spot for Mamo, I just love seeing the boys with their instruments and being a legit band, not just a “We are going to wear these ridiculous costumes and dance” type band. Also, the art is really stunning throughout.

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could you do the accidentally turning on thingg for STARISH too??? Thankss! Love your blog!

I am a dirt sinner. I sort of got carried away with this, sorry. ♡

Accidentally/Intentionally turning STARISH on (NSFW):

Cecil Aijima

At first he thought nothing about the dress you wore today. It showed your curves perfectly and accentuated your beauty, as if you were some walking Goddess. It wasn’t until you would purposely whisper lewd things into his ear and call him, “My King” in a smooth voice while having meetings with STARISH did he understand what you was doing. He decided he was going to humor you and play along with your game of Cat and Mouse. You would trace your fingers around his clothes crotch under the dinner table and paw at his thighs, but then you would retreat. You would do this multiple times, until he decided to grab your hand and hold it over his slowly growing member to allow you to get a feel of the trouble you caused. After dinner you would take your nails and lightly claw down his back in a playful manner and playing it off as if nothing happened, oh but he knew what you were doing. It wasn’t until you would lick the shell of his ear did he have enough of this silly game. Finally excusing yourselves from STARISH he would drag you to the car where he would ravage you in the backseat. You might not be able to walk afterwards, but that is only part of your punishment you have yet to receive. 

Otoya Ittoki

Normally Otoya did not pay attention to such lewd actions and take it as you teasing him as usual. However, he just couldn’t seem to keep his eyes off your thighs in that short skirt. Or the way you would parade around your shared apartment and bending over, giving him a peek at the lace underwear you wore underneath. When you would lean in and give him a perfect view of your breasts for him to admire, oh how we wanted nothing than to devour them and have them in his mouth. To say he was flustered would be an understatement, his face was as red as his hair. However, he soon grew confident and….desperate. Desperate to rut his cock into you with your skirt on, or having you bent over the counter while screaming his name and his alone. As the images played in his mind, you absentmindedly sat across of him in a chair, your delicious thighs slightly open for him to view your most precious parts. He had finally had enough with your teasing, even if it wasn’t intentional. Without a word he grabbed you by your hips and hoisted your thighs around his waist before making his way to the kitchen counter where he was going to devour you.

Tokiya Ichinose

Tokiya is usually reserved and does not approve of such lewd actions in public. Yet, that didn’t stop you. Here you were, rubbing your foot across his clothes growing bulge while having dinner together. You always had a habit of teasing him, just to get a rise out of the stoic man. You loved the way he would squirm uncomfortably in his chair or how he would scold you in his authoritative voice. You decided to kick it up a notch by placing a hot kiss on his collar bone before going off to whatever you were doing before hand, as if you didn’t just tease the man seconds ago. He wasn’t one to initiate being intimate first, but he was almost at his limit with your tease. The way you would sway your hips in those skin tight dresses, or blow air into his ear gently just to make the hair on his neck stand up. He wanted nothing more than to rut his cock deep into you and make you scream his name shamelessly for everyone to hear who you belong to.  Well, if it was attention you wanted you were going to now get it. Without a word, he gripped your wrist and pulled you into the nearest empty room to commence with your punishment. 

Masato Hirijikawa 

What many people did not know about Masato was that he is surprisingly kinky and had a thrill for public affection. The way your core would become hot and wet as he slid his hand up your skirt, just to pull away and ignore you. His poker face was amazing, it showed no sign of the sinister thoughts running through his mind. Or the way he would purposely rub his bulge against your backside shamelessly while whispering lewd thoughts into your ear. He loved the way you would beg for him to just take you, but of course he was still not satisfied with your torture yet. He wanted you to BEG. The way you would whimper and arch your back from his treatment on your most private parts with his mouth, then pull away just when you are about to achieve orgasm. After he thought you had enough with his teasing, he just pulled you aside to finally give you a reward, leaving your legs numb and shaking from his “punishment”. Better wipe up the cum dripping down your thighs before someone notices.

Syo Kurusu

You just couldn’t listen, could you? The way you whispered dirty words into his ear or sending risky text messages. Or how you pawed at his already hardened member that was restricted with his pants. When you sat down on his lap innocently, while subtly rubbing into him. He was throbbing from how cruel your teasing was. Yet, he enjoyed it. It came to his mind that he wanted to pay you back. To pay you back for the way his member throbbed and wanted to rut himself into you as deep as he could. And what better way to pay you back for your deeds than to pull you aside to an empty closet and force you on your knees? Don’t underestimate his height, he could dominate you if he wanted. And in this situation, he dominated that dirty mouth you’ve been using all day. It wasn’t until your eyes pricked with tears did he decide you’ve endured enough of his “punishment”  When he was finished, you looked like a glazed over doll. There, that should teach you than to tease him and expect no punishment.

Natsuki Shinomiya 

You knew of his submissive side, that’s why this made what you were doing oh so much more fun. Purposely wearing short skirts and low shirts, or sending risky text messages while he was out with friends. He would look at the photos and his pants would begin to tighten unbearably. How could he focus on work when you were sending dirty photos all day? He asked you not to do that, but deep down you knew he enjoyed it. Of course when he came home he had something waiting for him. You wearing new latex lingerie that you knew would drive him insane. He didn’t even bother stopping your teases, because he knew better than to face punishment. Or did he want he? God he didn’t know what he wanted. All he knew was he DID want more of you, to push himself deep inside you. But that would have to wait, until he has earned it of course. After his constant begs and moans from your teasing and punishments, you decided had enough, and that you would reward him. Maybe if he is a good boy you might allow him to get off. 

Ren Jinguji

You’ve been such a naughty little lamb. Did you honestly think you could get out of your teasing without consequences? You wanted to turn the tables for once and be the teaser, but it looks like it worked well. Maybe a little too well. However, Ren allowed this to play out and let you have your fun. After all, he enjoyed you working so hard for his attention. Such a good pet. It was when you would place your hand on his clothed over cock or purposely flirt with other STARISH members to get him jealous did he decide your teasing had gone too far. Better prepare yourself, little lamb. Because tonight, you won’t get off until you are begging. Even then he might now allow you to have your climax until you are absolutely at the edge and cannot take no more. Maybe your teasing wasn’t such a bad thing after all if it ended up like this, all bound up in red silk like a present just for him to open and devour. 


What made you think you could leave the house like that? Too much skin exposed and your curves shown off perfectly. The way you would absentmindedly bite your lip. He was already possessive already, so why did you go ahead and ‘flirt’ with that cashier and smile at him? You were asking for it. Or the way you would lick that ice cream cone innocently, making sure to lap up the cream at the corner of your mouth. Oh how he wished it was his semen instead of the ice cream. He had finally had enough of this damn teasing, he was going to have you whether you liked it or not. He pulled you into the nearest dressing room and immediately bent you over to face the mirror so you can watch yourself being shamelessly fucked. He didn’t even bother hiding his groans or be gentle. He wanted everyone in the damn store to know YOU. ARE. HIS.  Now, say his name so everyone knows who is taking you and who you belong to. 

ST☆RISH & Quartet Night as Bath Bombs

Masato: “Sakura” to calm his passionate heart

Natsuki: “Twilight“ feel no worries when you slide into this bath!

Syo: “Big Blue” it’s as if you can hear the sounds of the crashing waves!

Ai: “Shoot For the Stars” mysterious and enchanting…just like Ai!

Cecil: “Golden Waters”  fit for a prince and his princess

Camus: “Frozen” to match his ice cold heart

Ranmaru: “Phoenix Rising” fit for a passionate Rockstar 

Itokki: “Think Pink” keep calm, relaxed and feel sweet with this one!

Tokiya: “Intergalactic” relax in a world far far away

Reiji: “The Experimenter” have fun and go crazy in this one!

Ren: “SexBomb” Are you ready neko-chan?

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Accidental first kiss with Otoya, Masato, Ai, and Tokiya please??

Sure! Here you go! Sorry for lack of updates, stuff bein happening~

Otoya and you were playing tag with the preschool children, when one of the girls ‘accidently’ pushed you towards Otoya; their plan was to have you both kiss, however their plan didn’t go as they expected, because unlike films, when two people are pushed together, their lips do not automatically connect, instead, you bumped into his chest. Otoya grabbed you by the shoulders, “are you okay ____-chan?” he asked concerned, as you were about to answer, the resident prankster, tied your boyfriends shoelaces together, so when he moved forward to check if you were alright, he tripped and fell on top of you, resulting in yes, your first accidental kiss. Ittoki went red, as he realised his lips had chastely kissed yours. 

Masato: You were helping Masato rehearse for his next big play when he went to adjust the music. You saw his bent figure fiddle with the stereo, in an unsuccessful attempt to rewind the song. Sighing, you walked up to help him. As you bent down, Masato lifted his head up, “____-ch-” He couldn’t finish what he was saying, as your lips connected with his. Eyes widening and blushing furiously, he pulled back, tripping on the stereo and falling on his precious butt. You couldn’t help but burst into laughter, at his flustered self. 

Tokiya: You cheered happily as Tokiya returned from receiving STARISH’s award. They had just won best Album of the year, and he was estactic. Seeing you in his change room, he smiled brightly, running up to you. You laughed, as he engulfed you in a warm hug. “Can you believe it? This is amazing!” Tokiya said, pulling away slightly from the hug, so his head and yours was level. Both of you were surprised as you felt his lips press against yours. Tokiya was surprised himself; in the spur of his happiness he had kissed you. And it was your first ever kiss as a couple. Your eyes widened further, when you felt Tokiya’s hand press at the back of your head, kissing you back more gently. When parting, he caressed your cheek, smiling softly, “Sorry, ______-chan… I just…” You shook your head, placing your hand over his, “Don’t be, you should win awards more often.” You said cheekily. Tokiya blushed, hugging you again. 

Ai: Okay, so Ai had been reading ‘Relationships for Dummies’ and one thing he hadn’t been able to do was kiss you. The two of you had been dating for 5 weeks now, and he felt that it should have happened. However, he himself, was too shy to initiate it. Having taking some advice from Ranmaru, who told him to just go for it, “if you love her, it’ll happen, so when the time comes don’t run away like a coward!” he thought he’d just wait patiently. However, even Ai was a man. A man who had urges. Urges he could not identify as urges to be exact. So when he saw you waiting near a lamp, for your date, he smiled. Walking up to you, he called your name, and leant in to kiss you on the cheek. However, upon hearing your name being called, your had turned. Your eyes widened in surprise, as you felt your boyfriends lips on yours. Ai was surprised too. Pulling apart, you smiled, “Ai?” Ai looked at you, holding your hands. “C-can we do that again? It felt… nice.” He asked, a slight blush on his cheeks. You simply laughed, before leaning in.