Another silly idea that I’m playing with, as I’m nothing without a project it seems.

Inspired by the maps in heroes and dragons, I decided to try, non directional top down maps. (ie where bits have perspective / depth but the angle shifts so it does not read as if from one direction)

I really like the look of it and have included here, no grid, aligned grid, and non aligned grid as examples. (all photo size 6x4 inch)

I could imaging making asset packs of this stuff in tillable chunks so you can build you own dungeons. Or as a single large maps for specific dungeons. Depending on what the market would like.

That being said I don’t really know how to take it beyond this point to a sellable physical asset so… meh?  

But I do like making them.Hell honestly If I could turn a survival level income from this stuff I would be happy pumping them out till dooms day.

Trying to find a Job


While i try to get back to the blog, I wanted to ask for a little help.

I’m trying to get a job at the animation industry

but I have no professional experience yet, and that makes it really hard to take the first step… An company to hire you for the first time XD And i sadly lack the contacts inside the industry…

I’m trying to send my portfolio and data to all possible companies.
If you know of a cartoon/animation company with a hiring page, or that is looking for people, can you let me know? I was only able to find a few so far… And I’m sure there are more out there >>. I DON’T CARE WHERE IN THE WORLD. I’m willing to relocate xD So don’t worry for that.

I don’t animate, i am more of a prop/character designer… and self taught story artist. (rough layout?)

Studies in Spain suck a lot xD So there is a lot i have to learn yet. But that’s why i want to get my experience from a company, rather than keep on studying here…

Thanks for reading! Have a cat!

I have a job interview tomorrow. . .

I’m freaking out. They don’t have any information about the school on their website, which is what I thought a website was for? It’s my first interview so I’m kind of telling myself it’s unlikely to be hired on your first interview. All my friends have jobs already and it’s only June! How did this happen? Did I miss something?! I’m a better thinker than I am a speaker, especially under pressure. I really just want a job and my own classroom with my own students and my own books. I hope it goes well but how much hope should I have? I think I have so much anxiety because there are so many unknowns in this situation. I don’t know how many people are gonna be there. I don’t know what the questions will be although I know what they’ll be like. I keep trying to tell myself everything happens for reason. It’s not helping much.

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“It’s Adequate!” From the second episode of my podcast, Ethan Sees All!

Episodes here: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLfoTJz7bdCmSxBCH5XxQXPezlexeq2KSG

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Resume for the night

Dear sir/ madam,

I am writing you this letter…see my resume attached, 

I am seeking employment for your industry… I would hope you pay in cash…


I work well with others, performance is top notch on my own, 

it doesn’t take much for me to get in the zone. 

I am good at goods and services, I can handle accounting too…

I walk well in flats, I model great in high heel shoes. 

Your business is my pleasure, 

pleasure is my command

if its hand holding or head comforting…

 I can offer a word or hands. 

My oral skills are on point, 

but I communicate less and action more, 

I promise to take my time… and make your customers soar. 

I do house calls, and corner stops, 

I service anywhere… so hire me and call me soon…

 trust me I’ll be there. 


My thoughts on the Riverdale finale

* I knew the second Cheryl gave Veronica the Vixens she’d commit suicide. Anyone seen 13 reasons why? The first sign of suicide: Giving away things that you love

* I was ready to tear Archie into shreds but nope, came out he just wanted to be Veronica’s soul mate. You are, Archiekins

* Ronnie ships Bughead, guys

* I hate Hermione Lodge and Penelope Blossom. Worst parents of the year award goes to them

* On the other hand, FP wins best parent of the year award. He gave Jug Hot Dog and made sure he wasn’t alone. I want him out of jail NOW

* Have y'all seen how vulnerable Alice looked when she told Betty about her son? No makeup, no fancy clothes. Just her. I love her.

* I’m not the biggest fan of Ronnie but I like how she took care of Cheryl and tried to befriend Jug

* Josie is a good person. I like her. And looking at her parents, I understand why she’s a bitch sometimes

* I want Cheryl to leave her mom and move in with Ronnie. Then I want Ronnie to bitch slap her mom for being a heartless whore

* 10 bucks it was someone hired by the Sheriff or the mayor to hang that shit up on Betty’s locker

* Another 10 bucks it was someone hired by Hirem to kill Fred

* I need a gazillion gifs of that love reveal and another gazillion gifs of that make out session. I knew Jug wasn’t awkward during sex. He’s a fucking man

* Btw can I have a copy of Jug on my front door? He’s so fucking hot

* I like Varchie but tbh I screamed all the time to get back to Bughead. That shit was hot and I was surprised they’d go all the way THAT fast

* Btw Kudos to Betty for that speech. And of course the love of her life was the first one to applaud

* Betty stop worrying about Jug being a Serpent now. They proved time and time again that they’re loyal and good people. I mean, have you seen the kids laughing with Jug? They’re cool. Also, now you have a hot biker gang boyfriend who punches assholes who dishonor you (I’m jealous)

* Did anyone get a glimpse on Hot Dog? He looked like a Lab or a Goldie but FINALLY HOT DOG

* I need Archie’s song as MP3


Did I mention Jughead Jones was so fucking hot this episode?

There are a lot of things I expect from next week's episode and season 2

- Betty suggesting Jug could live with her until FP comes out of jail and shutting her mother down when she tries to say No because Alice put Jug through enough shit

- Fred apologizing to Jug and FP that he thought so bad of them

- Cheryl trying to find a way to live at school after all the dirty secrets of the Blossom’s come out and Betty and Veronica welcoming her to the Core Four (that’s why I think the locker Betty is trying to get the things off of is the one from Cheryl)

- literally all the parents except for Alice and FP and maybe Hermione fucking off and stop trying to divide their kids

- Bughead and Varchie finally being happy and maybe find a gay boyfriend for Kevin (or for Joaquin to come back)

- Hermione kicking her husband in the balls as he comes back because god dammit, this asshole deserves it

- Polly having the babies and naming one Jason and the other one Elizabeth Cheryl (I need that, really)

- And the most important thing: GIVE JUGHEAD HIS PUPPY


Loki lay in the shadows on the cold concrete, breathing labored as he applied pressure to one of his deeper wounds. The syringe he had been pierced with lay at his side, its mysterious contents drained dry. Who could have possibly formulated a substance capable of rendering him this defenseless? 

He held his breath at the sound of approaching footfalls, fearing that his pursuer had managed to track him. Even in his weakness, he could not stop his tongue.

“Have you come to put me out of my misery? How noble.”