An Update

Last Thursday I interviewed for a new role at a new company. 

On Friday I signed a new job contract. 

On Tuesday I resigned from my current job. 

My wonderful job which I’ve been at a few months short of two years. The job which took a significant chance on me, at a time when I had no digital experience.  I’ll always be thankful for that job.  Thankful for the people I met, and experience I gained, but it was time to move on. 

You see, I want to be successful one day. Actually, I want to be very successful one day. An executive in a company, perhaps. Hell, perhaps even run my own company. I love business and management and projects. I love ideation and execution and reiteration. I love learning from mistakes, and getting better from collaboration.  And at this point in my life, I’m at a stage where I love risk (#single #30) especially when there is reward; big risk = big reward = big potential to be successful. 

I started looking for a new job about two months ago, and quite frankly, it’s been a hell of a roller coaster. I wasn’t even sure if I definitely wanted to leave my current employer, but I also didn’t want to settle into a role just because it was comfortable.  And so I began interviewing a lot.  Began seeing what was out there. 

My profile was accepted onto Hired.com (only 5% of people who apply get accepted(!)), which is a new (awesome) recruiting company, which flips the model (employees apply to hired, if accepted, your resume/profile goes live to employees who then can contact you - it’s like online dating, but for employees/employers).  For a few weeks there, it was a whirlwind.  Interview after interview after interview. It’s actually a big reason this blog got a little quieter - I just didn’t find time to post! 

And as time progressed, I got better at interviewing, a lot better.  (I sort of shudder when I think of myself in those first few interviews!).  I would stay up late researching everything there was to know about these companies, and refining my skills and answers.  I went from being decent at interviewing, to excellent at it. And it paid off.  

And then last Thursday I interviewed at a FinTech start up in Toronto.  For those not familiar, “FinTech” (short for Financial Technology) usually refers to  technology companies founded with the purpose of disrupting incumbent financial systems  (think easing payment processes, reducing fraud, saving users money, promoting financial planning, and ultimately moving a giant (slow) industry forward.).  

I loved the product. I loved the team. And I loved the opportunity before me. 

It’s a perfect blend of my financial background, and my digital product management experience.  I’m employee #8, and the role is a big one, but as I told my new boss last week, I wasn’t looking for an easy role, I was looking for a role I could step into and step up to - a role that scared me, which would then force me to grow, learn and advance.   It’s exciting.  I’m excited.  I signed at a bigger salary, the location is better suited for me, the product has huge potential, and the team I’m working with seems awesome (I went for rooftop drinks with them this past Monday!). Also (added bonus!), the company has ties to NYC (which of course is awesome too!).   

It was hard to give my notice on Tuesday. All weekend I was nervous and even found myself laying in bed at night thinking about it (and you know me and my love for sleep!). I will miss my friends there, and the role I had, but onwards and upwards.  I’m excited for the next chapter in my life, and to see how far I can push myself! 

My last day will be September 22. And then (lucky me!) I have two weeks off between jobs, and then I start m new role on October 5.   

So there that all is. Exciting, right?! Especially because as my mom said, two years ago today I was unemployed living at home with my parents, with no idea what career path I wanted to take. And now here I am, a confident business woman, who is proving to herself that she is smart and valuable, and capable of being those woman in magazines and on TV she admires. 

drinks with my new colleagues!