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When you get married, you don’t have to spend thousands of pounds on a dress, hire 15 sports cars, hire the best DJ who will pump the latest Bollywood beats, hire out a castle and order food which can feed a small country.
The Prophet’s ﷺ marriage with Khadijah was simple, yet no one saw a people more dignified and loyal in marriage.
Their love was so great that we still learn from them 1400 years later. رضي الله عنها
—  Shaykh Muhammad Aslam

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I'm not disappointed that the album is RP and me being upset doesn't have anything to do with the boys & how hard they work but I was kind of shocked since I spent all of my money to buy this album($ extremely expensive in my country).I really would have appreciated it if bighit didn't have such an unfair marketing system that's built purely on the hype because now I legit have nothing left and as a consumer I deserved to be told certain things & just cuz I bought the album doesn't make it right

I understand how you feel, BigHit really should have clearly stated it was a repackage of WINGS rather than Supplementary Story. 

but first I think things need to be cleared up before we start accusing BigHit of things. if we take a step back, bangtan was a tiny group with a tiny fanbase with a rather tiny company with not much of a footprint in the industry. so the concepts were simpler, there were fewer albums, fewer mvs, fewer teasers, fewer trailers. as BigHit and Bangtan grew, so did their fanbase. but the fans expected a certain quality when it came to their favourite group and BigHit always delivers. 

but to be able to now have multiple M/Vs per album, long conceptual interlinking storylines, the sets and locations they have, the wardrobe, the camera/lighting/sound system, to get a better dance practice studio, to be able to provide bigger and better for the boys, and for the fans, and to be able to pay all the staff (producers, managers, stylists, etc etc etc) BigHit had to find a way to obviously make more money to continue providing fans with more elaborate works with every comeback. 

remember when they had to borrow a managers car in the  I Need U M/V because they didn’t have enough money to rent one to film with? and now, we see them having enough money to not only blow up a car! but hire 50 backup dancers! 

BigHit and BTS rely on sales of albums, fanmeets, fansigns, summer packages, seasons greetings, etc etc to be able to continue making more elaborate things for the fans. do you think they would have been able to have 7 different mini basically short film trailers to tease the new WINGS album a year ago? no, but they were able to now because of album sales.

the thing to remember is that BigHit & Bangtan are not asking you to buy every version of an album, it does not make you less of a fan if you buy only 1 or if you don’t buy a single one. but of course like anything there are those who will collect no matter what, no matter how many versions. I understand it sucks to have thought it was going to be a new album and having bought the previous versions for it to be only a repackage with a handful of new songs, but honestly this repackage doesn’t make it any less of an important album. epilogue was a repackage and in all honesty that repackage with those 3 new songs really helped bangtan further their success. this is a business so at the end of the day, yes they want the money and they will figure out ways of doing so, but also, you have to remember it is not done selfishly and for only gain for the company, but as a gain to put back into the boys, the boys success, and the fans invested interest of the group, as well as being able to find new fans by attracting them with their highly produced and detailed M/Vs

but I also kinda want to say that as much as BigHit should have labeled it a repackage, it was also very obvious that it was going to be a repackage because it was the continuation of WINGS. it was the ‘S’ we were missing, and I highly doubt they would have released a full new album for part of another album. there are many ways to look at it, but I think it’s important to understand why, as a company, BigHit is doing it this way

*Teacher Mentions Natural Selection*


*Someone Likes KMFDM Or Rammstein*


*Someone Mentions They Work At A Pizza Place*


*Someone Mentions They Got Their Little Sister A Bike*


*Someone Playing Doom*

Me: “E R I C H A R R I S”

*Someone Wears A Black And White Flannel*


*Someone Starts Eating A Slim Jim*

Me: *Screeching* “ERICCCCC”

10 | Tomorrow




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Sweat beaded your forehead as you ran through the sea of people flooding the airport, your breathing was erratic and Jungkook was nowhere to be seen. Your heart hammered angrily against your chest, where was he? There you were, willing to drop your life for him and he didn’t have the decency to even answer the phone the 14 times you’d called.

Close to giving up your eyes wandered the busy scene desperately once more, much to your surprise you saw a tall, broad figure wearing all black holding what looked like to be a Louis Vuitton luggage bag. Your Louis Vuitton luggage bag. That had to be him. You ran up to the man who was speedily walking away, his wide strides almost impossible for you to catch up with.

“Jungkook!” You shouted, earning a stare from a dozen pairs of nosey eyes in the process.

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Eye On The New Girl -AJ Styles x Reader

Summary:- You’ve just been called up to the Main Roster from NXT. You don’t know anyone, but you bump in to your dream man AJ Styles in the airport, almost instantly hitting it off. You both notice a spark whilst filming and episode of UpUpDownDown, and when you get back to the hotel to find your room has been cancelled. AJ overhears, and offers to let you share his room for the night.

Warnings:- Smut, Swearing, Bit of Fluff

Word Count:-  1,868

Requested by @heavenlytheshield


Credit to Gif Owner! Normally use my own gifs but my computer wont work,so creds to you. you rock. 

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I turned 20 yesterday and so I’ve passed that age of being able to accomplish things at that ridiculously young age but I am really proud that as a teenager I was able to claw out of poverty, attend one of the best universities in the state entirely on scholarship, own my own place, own my own car, got hired for one of the most sought after and highest paid research jobs in the CST, have my own stocks, and I’ll be published within the year. I did that as a teen. I can’t wait to see what I can do in the next 10 years.





It happened quite accidentially that I discovered the following similarities. A little scene almost at the end of ‘The Final Problem’ started the ball rolling. Sherlock pushes open his prison room and suddenly stands in front of Musgrave Hall - the old home of the Holmes family.

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10, 11, 27 :)

10 - Totally romantic

11 - Post coital

27 - First cuddle



Though Claire and Jamie had been dating officially, whatever that meant, for several months that hadn’t spent much time together in the flesh. Whether it was work, illness, or acts of an unseen deity they hadn’t done much more than text or speak on their mobile. Both wholeheartedly agreed that this travesty should come to an end immediately. The dates were marked on their respective calendars, their workplaces approved time off, and their holiday booked.

Jamie had taken care of all the details, much to Claire’s delight. He had declined to even divulge their destination, he’d only hinted that she should pack several changes of formal clothes and her passport. They threw themselves into their professional lives, focusing their energy to keep their minds diverted until their time together. Despite their best efforts, time seemed to drag by making both glad when the day finally arrived.

When Jamie arrived at Claire’s flat she let out a loud high pitched scream when she saw the car he hired for the drive.

“It’s absolutely gorgeous!” she squealed. “I might just cry it’s so beautiful.”

“I told you I would arrange it all, right?” he beamed. “I want to make sure my girlfriend is spoilt on her holiday since she very much deserves it!”

Their journey to the airport was filled with Claire’s dozens of questions about their unknown destination. He was seconds from caving when they arrived at the parking garage.

She tried to stifle her giggles while Jamie checked the car in at the rental kiosk. To entertain herself while he signed the paperwork the young nurse continued her line of attack, only to receive cheeky replies.  

“Ooh! I almost had you there! Admit it.”

He just smiled until they crossed through the automatic doors and he handed their tickets to her. It didn’t take long before her eyes got big as saucers after she read their intended location.

“P-P-Paris?” she choked out. “It’s been my dream for as long as I can remember! You’re lucky we’re in a public place or I’d kiss you until you blush.”

“I’ll hold you to that when we’re alone at our B & B.” Jamie purred.


When they finally did get to their accommodations they both made good on their promises. Soon after their bags hit the floor, they did as well. It began with Claire on tiptoes, holding Jamie’s face in her hands while she thanked him over and over with kisses.

“You need to tell me…” he murmured. “because I’ve never..” Jamie knew in theory what he wanted to give and receive but not precisely how to achieve the goal. His body felt like it was humming but had no idea how to act next.

“I trust you with my body. Do you trust me with yours?” she asked softly. “Just promise that you’ll always be honest, I need that.”

He nodded. “Yes. To everything.”

Both Jamie and Claire thought they’d always remember this first time together because they felt every emotion. He was surprised when a simple touch to her lower back made both their bodies react. She was angry when he criticised his lacking sexual knowledge. They both laughed when his immediate response to his first climax was to thank her. But what sparked the best memories was just being physically close to one another, feeling the heat of someone they loved.

The room seemed very quiet after so much heated activity Jamie spooked when he heard Claire’s stomach growl, which in turn jarred her enough to fall onto the floor. After their fit of giggles passed they got themselves comfortably settled in bed, agreeing to call room service immediately.

“I am ravenous.” Claire said. “How about you?”

When he didn’t respond she turned to see him grinning and wiggling his eyebrows. He did enjoy the chest slap he received but they’d get back to that later, now was the time to order dinner.

“I’m going to need the steak dinner with everything.” Jamie quickly replied. “I didn’t know my body would feel like it’s run a marathon! And you?”

“I am going to try the steak frites I’ve heard so much about! Then I’m going to need some macaron for pudding.”

She noticed that he just kept smiling as he looked into her eyes. She kissed his temple and moved to lay his head on her chest. “Thank you. So much, Jamie. You’ve made me feel like the only woman in the world.” she murmured.

“And to me, mo chridhe,you are.”

One of my least favourite things is sleep deprivation. I don’t know how many hours sleep I’ve had in the last 24? 36? hours (so confused by time zones) but I can tell I’m sick of it being May 1st. Longest May 1st ever.

We were meant to leave Melbourne at 9am May 1st - which meant getting to the airport around 6am - and then arrive in LA 6:30am May 1st (time travel is neat, I suppose). But our flight was delayed by just over four hours, and I think I only slept two hours (three at most) on the plane.

#92 - For isle-of-flightless-josh & vanswritings

Filling the prompts “can you write Single dad Van? Taking his 5, 6 years old daughter on tour with him? And maybe him taking her to meet the reader for the first time?” from @isle-of-flightless-josh and “Can you write about Van as a dad ?” from @vanswritings

Note: ONE FOR MY GIRLSSSS! This is a long one - about 4,500 words. Also, I really like this one so if you do too, pls let me know! 

You walked around the corner of the hallway and stopped in your tracks. There was a child standing in the middle of the room, looking around confused. She was in teeny tiny jeans, and her tshirt had little cats and love hearts printed on it. Her brown hair was a mess and she was barefoot. She looked up at you with big blue eyes. You could see she was upset, but wasn’t at the crying stage just yet.

“Hey honey. Are you okay?” you asked, crouching down but not stepping closer to her. She closed the space herself, walking the few metres to stand right in front of you. She had freckles across her nose.

“I can’t find Daddy,” she told you. Her little face was contorted into the saddest expression you’d ever seen. She was holding her hands together, twisting her fingers in anxiety.

“Okay. We can find him. Can’t have gone far,” you said. She nodded. “Do you know Daddy’s name?”

“Daddy,” she replied. It was cute, but you didn’t laugh at her.

“What do other grown-ups call him?” you tried again.


A convenient coincidence. You hadn’t met him yet, but you knew Van. You were on your way to a meeting to lay out the plan for their tour. Their usual tour manager, Mike, wasn’t available. You were handed Catfish and the Bottlemen, and the opportunity to prove you could run a really fucking successful string of shows.

"I know exactly where he is. Let’s go,” you told her standing up. She held up both hands, and you realised she wanted to be picked up. You complied, and sat her on your hip. She cuddled into you. The kid was clearly used to strangers and you didn’t know if that was good or bad. “What’s your name, honey?”


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Via SNS [Part 1]

Kim Yugyeom x Reader

Word Count: 2246

Genre: Fluff

Part 2 

“Oh Yugyeom loves Y/N. He is obsessed with her,” Jinyoung teased. A shy smile pulled at Yugyeom’s lips and his ears tinged red with embarrassment.

“No, I am not,” he whined cutely, in your opinion.

“Come on. Yes you are,” Jinyoung continued.

“She is my favorite artist. I will leave it at that,” Yugyeom said, trying to drop the conversation.

That is when Jackson butted in and said, “We all know that she is your ideal type so don’t even deny it.”

The beginning of the friendship between you and Yugyeom was a strange one. It all started when you received a tidal wave of mentions on Twitter and thousands of comments on Instagram all about this guy named Yugyeom. The comments consisted of oh my god! yugyeom @yu_gyeom loves you! follow him please! and @yu_geom says you are his favorite artist!! two worlds colliding! both of you are my favorites!!!! love you guys!! <3 :0. After days and days of receiving these comments you finally decided to check out who this Yugyeom kid was. So, the first thing you did was browse through his Instagram account. “Wow, this man is seriously good looking,” you thought to yourself as you scrolled through the dozens of selfies he had posted. After reading some of the captions to his posts you gathered that Yugyeom was part of some boy group called Got7.

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Merry Christmas, @sterektbh!

Derek knocks on the Stilinski’s door, shivering in his leather jacket as the wind picks up. Every Thursday Derek and John get together and talk about what’s going on in Beacon Hills. Derek as the Alpha, John as the Sheriff. The Sheriff opens the door.

“Hi Derek, come on in!”

Derek walks in, scuffing his boots on the door mat, and closes the door behind him. John calls out from the kitchen. “Would you like a hot drink Derek?” Shrugging off his jacket, he drapes it over the back of the couch. 

“I’d love one. Tea please.” Derek wanders into the kitchen, and watches John put together the drinks. 

John looks up at Derek. “Did you hear from Stiles today?” Derek shakes his head. “Oh. I thought he would have told you. He’s not going to be home for Christmas. Can’t afford the ticket.” 


“Yeah, I’m disappointed. I can’t afford the ticket either I’m afraid, or I’d go and visit him. It’s a shame too. I was able to get about 5 days off.” 

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