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i’m gonna hire jimin as my main model for my future brand, expect it around 2018


Hi! I’m swaltersart and I love 3D modeling +rigging!

I’m opening commissions for 3D character modeling, rigging, uv-mapping, and texturing. If you’re interested you can specify to me if you would like me to rig or texture a model I have made for you.
My meshes are very clean and all quads, so they are suitable for game engines. I can give you the Maya file or an OBJ file as well as the texture files!


$15 an hour, I work very fast! for example, low poly characters might take me around 2-5 hours to complete, higher poly count and level of detail will (of course) take longer. I will use a timer to keep track and give you frequent updates.

I use paypal. please dm me if you’re interested! 

  • Taehyung: *bursts into Yoongi's room*
  • Yoongi: Oh, that's great.
  • Taehyung: No, hyung. Did you hear me? They hired me as their model. <i>Like the actual Gucci.</i>
  • Yoongi: Yes, Taehyung. That's amazing. And I'm proud of you. Now, do you mind? I'm trying to sleep.
  • Taehyung: *leaves*
  • Hoseok: *pops out, naked, from underneath the bed covers*
  • Hoseok: You don't think he knew I was here, did he?

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Makeup artist grantaire, maybe stage/theater

Listen: Grantaire as a makeup artist in the fashion industry.

All the creators WANT HIM because he’s so talented at what he does. He’s totally against that “hide people’s flaws behind makeup like a mask” bullshit. Grantaire sees beauty and magnifies it. Fashion designers call him the Michelangelo of make up and fight over who will manage to get him to work for them.

Grantaire has been working with Jehan lately, a new upcoming designer in the ashion industry, who impresses everybody with their bold choices, colour patterns and fabric associations. Everything Jehan was called weird for wearing before is now trendy and visionary. Plus, Jehan defies expectations by breaking gender barriers and working with models who don’t fit the runway’s standards.

So Grantaire goes to work one day, and there’s this new model who’s just started working with Jehan. Rumour has it he used to work with Dior and Yves Saint Laurent, but he ended his contract to work with Jehan, because their beliefs aligned perfectly. His name is Enjolras, and Grantaire is convinced he’s seen him on billboards before. But that was nothing compared to reality.

Grantaire has never seen someone that breath-takingly beautiful before. The new model’s divine, in an actually god-like way. Grantaire tries to keep it cool and shakes his hand, invites him to sit, the way things are usually done, but his throat has gone completely dry.

They’re here to determine which makeup style suits Enjolras best. It’s the standard procedure when a new model is hired. As ever, Grantaire tries to cover his nervousness but thinking out loud and talking, so the two of them end up having a conversation revolving mainly about makeup. Grantaire’s almost done when Enjolras asks him:

“So why did you choose to become makeup artist?”

Grantaire shrugs.

“I guess when you’re fuck ugly you just want to compensate by making something beautiful.”

That kind of answer usually weird people out. But Enjolras simply looks at him, all gold and eyeliner, glitter shining on his lips:

“You have beautiful eyes.”

Grantaire’s heart skips a beat. He does not fall in love so much as he plunges head first into it

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Any good fic recs for tsoa?

I read a few, so have it here o/

a lesson in love by liionne [3,207]

“You have to go.” Achilles says, and his hands are on Patroclus’ chest, but they aren’t pushing. No- he’s doing a lot of things, but he’s not pushing. He’s memorising the feeling of smooth skin beneath his hands, and he’s counting the pulse that thuds beneath the right, committing that to memory too. He’s feeling the rise and fall of his best friend’s chest - best friend, boyfriend, lover, whatever; they all feel like synonyms now - and he’s meeting those dark brown eyes with his own. “If my mother catches you here she’ll kill you.”

“I know.” Patroclus murmurs, but he makes no move to go.

your name like a song by sarahyyy [1,108]

“Patroclus,” he sighs again into the dark, and means I wish I could, means I wish I dared, means I wish you wanted me too.

(History Is) A Pattern Of Timeless Moments by Brenda [3,180]

Achilles knew his truest triumphs would never be strung together in verse to be sung at campfires, knew that no poet or aoidos would ever know his greatest success. No, these conquests – the huff of Patroclus’ laughter against his throat, the sharp, sea-salt taste of Patroclus’ skin after a swim, the way Patroclus’ eyelids fluttered after every kiss – those were Achilles’ alone to cherish.


Four times Achilles and Patroclus were truly happy.

at least as deep as the pacific ocean by ninjee [5,166]

It’s not that Patroclus somehow has not noticed that his new favorite coffee shop seemed to only hire possible models, but, well. There’s a thin line between noticing and admiring a person’s looks and being fucking creepy about it.

When Rome’s In Ruins (We Are The Lions) by metwithdarkness [6,596]

So far, Patroclus has learned the following about Achilles:
- He doesn’t get along with either of his parents, but
- he lives with his dad when he’s not at school, and
- his dad pays for college and
- the frat house he lives in was named by his dad
- (but really, does Achilles want to follow in his dad’s footsteps?)
- (honestly, he’s not sure he does, but)
- (what would he do instead?)
Patroclus suggests being a male model and Achilles laughs so hard he snorts soda out of his nose. It’s humanizing, which is both awesome – after their runs, Patroclus was half-convinced Achilles was secretly a god – and terrible – god, if he’s human, he’s touchable, now isn’t he?

tell me again by jellybabiestomanual [907]

“How does that work? Achilles is so far out of his league and he can’t even see it.”

“I don’t get it. It must suck to date a blind kid, and Pat’s not even hot.”

They’d probably thought they were being quiet, but Patroclus is, after all, blind. His hearing compensates.

you’ll find me in the next life, if not this one by iwillbeyourgoal [3,547]

patroclus and achilles keep bumping into each other in their reincarnations.

…as the poets say by Palebluedot [607]

“Do you know the story of how people came to look as they do now?”

Patroclus shakes his head. “Will you tell it?”

Gucci Boy

Group: BTS

Pairing: V X READER

Requested: Anonymous said: Hi there! I’m so infatuated with your writing so I hope you could fill this request for a Taehyung x reader! If the reader and Taehyung are both shopping separately at Gucci but when they are trying stuff on they catch each other’s attention and start shopping together? Haha sorry if this is so specific. Thank you!!

Summary: You meet Taehyung in his natural habitat, Gucci and he helps you complete your outfit.

Genre: fluff

Length: 0.8k

A/N:  I love these detailed requests and all the comments you’ve been leaving and even an ask have made me so happy!! I’m happy you all enjoy my writing and it gets me writing even more!

Originally posted by theseoks

Gucci was your favourite shop for a few reasons; you loved gold, you liked the way they greeted you like royalty at your service and you enjoyed the looks you received when you left with at least three white bags with a black lining on either arm. So as you walked around the shop, checking out your reflection in gold panels and looking through rails of clothes, there was a massive grin on your face.

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Stereotypical (2)

Bucky Barnes x reader AU (short series)

Notes: swearing, flirting, mentions of child abuse and alcoholism (past), none other yet.

Summary: As a PA/secretary, you are all too familiar with the fantasies nearly all men share: banging their hot assistant. Former jobs haven’t worked out for you for that exact reason, and now starting out at a new company, as the secretary for the CEO of the hottest modelling agency in the country, you’re hoping this one will be different. But after meeting your new boss, Mr J.B. Barnes, you’re not so sure if it will be. Then again, maybe Mr Barnes is not as stereotypical as you think he is.  

A/N: Part two! It’s gonna be a sloooooow burn. (sorry, not sorry) Mention of Naomi Campbell; just saying: I don’t mean anything by it. I love her. Ok? Ok. 

“You enjoying yourself?”

James leaned over your shoulder just as you told another model to take his shirt off (one of the perks of your job)

You snickered, “Always. I love my job”

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Okay, I've seen tons of fics and hcs about Zen falling for MC while she is with Jumin, but what about the other way around? Jumin falling for MC while she's in love with Zen hcs, pretty please?

Hum… interesting… and maybe a little angsty? Yep, definitely!

Hope this is what you wanted:

Jumin falls for MC while she’s with Zen

  • It started after a meeting, Jumin was trying to hire Zen to model to some C & R product, and you, as his manager, was discussing the terms on his contract
  • Jumin was impressed, you were confident, persuasive, and smart. And when the deal was set, you smiled so sweetly he felt a heat growing inside him.
  • You were different from what he remembered, that sweet girl who used to fangirl over Zen with his assistant has turned into this powerful business woman, without losing that sweetness from the messenger.
  • He catches himself thinking of you often. Will you log in the messenger today? What will you talk about with him?
  • He just realized this wasn’t just admiration seeing some photos that were on the news. You between Zen and him with the subtitle: Musical star Zen and his manager/fiancée pose with C & R’s director Jumin Han, celebrating a new model contract.
  • He couldn’t stop staring at that picture. Zen holding your waist and smiling while he placed a hand in your shoulder, he remembers the smoothness and warmth of your skin and… what’s happening?
  • He makes excuses to see you more often, always offering Zen gigs and setting meetings about guests for RFA parties.
  • Some of them happen in his penthouse, having you in his home makes him feel so comfortable, for some reason.
  • Even Elizabeth seems to like you, she rubs her head in your leg and you caress her smiling. He suddenly wonders how would it feel having your fingers running in his hair slowly.
  • Seeing you with her finally makes him understand. He wants you.
  • “I hope I’m not bothering you by asking you to meet me in my house, MC.” “No, not at all, I prefer RFA meetings happening in less formal places. Plus, it’s good to see Elizabeth after so long.” And you put her in your lap, making her purr. He feels like he could purr too just seeing you like this.
  • “I thought you didn’t like cats…” he needs to distract himself from his wild thoughts. “I like cats, I just can’t have them around because of Hyun.” Hyun? Ah, Zen… he was forgetting about Zen…
  • “How is he? How are… you two?” he’s curious after you shared this little fact about not being able to be around cats, maybe there are other things you’re sacrificing to make Zen happy?
  • “He’s fine. Very busy with recording sessions and photo shoots, but everything is… pretty great. We’re both so tired all we want to do is sleep all day, but we still have a wedding to plan, so… yeah, we’re happy.” You smile so sweetly he could melt, but you’re talking about your happiness and your wedding with another man, and he stiffens immediately.
  • “The wedding… yes, Luciel keeps bothering me about Zen’s bachelor party, he wants me to host. Can you imagine?” your eyes gleam. “Would you? Don’t take me wrong, but I’d be happy knowing you’re taking care of this, taking care of Hyun. I know you wouldn’t let things go out of control. You’re a control freak just like me, right?” he’s happy to know you two have something in common, even if it sound a little like an offense.
  • “Well, if this will manage to calm you down, I’ll do it. I happen to know brides should never feel stressed.” You laugh softly, oh… making you laugh is much more than he could ever ask.
  • “Thank you, Jumin. No stripers, ok? This would be inconvenient for his career… and who am I kidding? I would be jealous as hell.” “I wasn’t thinking of inviting stripers. And may I say Zen would be the most foolish man alive if he ever left you for stripers?” you blush a little… oh god…
  • “Thank you, Jumin. Oh! Look at the time! I have a meeting with this TV producer. If they’re offering a deal for a soap opera again, I swear I’ll rip someone’s head off!” you gently put Elizabeth on the floor “Anyway, wish me luck!”
  • “Good luck. Not that you need it, you’re competent enough to set this by your own merits.” He notices a pale shade of pink again, god… Zen is the lucky one here.
  • You pass right beside him and pat his shoulder. “Thank you for the bachelor party. I knew I could trust you. I always can.” You’re close, too close… but you’re happy with Zen, and you trust him, doing something would only make you lose the only sweet feeling you have for him, he can’t lose your trust…
  • “It’s nothing. I couldn’t risk having one of C & R models in a scandal about stripers.” He shrugs, trying not to look at your beautiful face.
  • “Yes, sure.” You squeeze his forearm lightly “See you around, Jumin. Good bye, Elizabeth!” and you walk away.
  • Jumin sighs staring at Elizabeth. He wished he could explain to her what’s going through his head, but she wouldn’t understand, not even he does.
  • He remembers Zen admitting all the jealous he felt before. Jumin couldn’t fully understand at that time, now he does.
  • Zen would always complain about Mr. Trustfund Kid having everything he wants, but he doesn’t have everything… all he wants is your love, but it belongs to Zen.
  • For the very first time, he envies Zen. Zen is the one who has everything.
  • He needs wine to sort out his thoughts. That’s what he always does, right?
  • He still had hope one day somebody would be able to untangle the knots inside his heart, but the only person capable enough is too busy planning her wedding with another man.
  • Once again, here he is thinking about a woman that will never be his.
“It Isn’t What it Looks Like”

-so taire really needs to finish this project for his art class

-(yes im a major cliche lets just ignore it and move on)

-and since hes a serial procrastinator he left it until the absolute last minute

-and it also turns out that hiring a model is expensive?????

-normally he would ask courf but he’s out of town meeting combeferres parents


- (taires very happy for them hes just bitter and has no money)

-and after hes gotten a regretful no from everyone he would normally ask

-he resorts to his last-ditch effort


-and Enjolras is a really fantastic friend/human being/person who has been threatened with death by eponine if he doesn’t start being nicer to r

-so he agrees

- (lets be real its just a chance to spend time with his crush)

-and grantaires piece is in the style of ancient roman architecture (I know i’m a cliché just listen)

-so Enjolras is wearing just a strategically placed bedsheet and a Styrofoam helmet that taire got from party city

-and maybeeee enj inches closer and closer as r is working

- (he’s just really focused on how intent taire is)

- (and how did enj never realize just how beautiful that shade of brown that resides in grantaires eyes is)

-until theyre literally centimeters apart and taire is still holding the paintbrush as he leans closer

-which is how bossuet walks in apologizing for not getting r’s texts earlier

-its really a funny story how he lost his phone this time that involves a train platform, a parrot, and diamond earrings but that’s beside the point and of course he’ll model for r and-

- “what the fuck”

-enj is tangled in a bedsheet on the floor with a shitty roman helmet lying next to him and r has a paintbrush in his mouth and hes on his knees grabbing Enjolras

- “IT ISNT WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE” they both yell

- “I don’t want to know” Bossuet mutters because its just his luck to walk in on this

-turns out enj tripped on the bedsheet when he tried to kiss r and taire was trying to help him but les amis don’t let them live it down for a month

-somehow enj and r don’t mind

- (everyones secretly happy that the two idiots got their shit together)

- (that doesn’t stop them from teasing tho)

Masterlist // 4

This is a masterlist for VIXX, WINNER, NCT, Jay Park, SuJu and BigBang!

Here are the other masterlists:


EXO, Seventeen




-They’re texting each other about a new model Jellyfish hired who is also a foreigner

-When you had a nightmare and need comforting

-When you’re at a falconry show and excitedly spamming them with bird pictures


-Reaction to you doing something new/crazy with your hair

-Reaction to realizing they have fallen in love with you

Conversation reactions:

-Reaction to discovering you’re a vampire (Hakyeon)



-You’re drunk texting them

-Having them over for dinner and them complimenting your cooking (WinKon)

-They want you to come over but you’re busy


-Reaction to you kissing them in front of other people at their birthday party

Conversation reactions:

-Reaction to finding you begging him to tell you what really happened in I’m young MV (Taehyun)

-Reaction to you crying over iKON’s Apology MV (Mino)



-They’re asking you out on a date


-Falling in love with T.O.P


-Reaction to their close friend/crush confessing

Conversation reactions:

-Reaction to you using a term of endearment in another language (T.O.P)

-Reaction to you planning a prank on him with GD (T.O.P)



-When you’re praising him for his “Fire Truck” comeback (Taeyong)

-When he realizes the extent of your love for his catchphrases (Mark)

-“It reminded me of you!” //Jaehyun

-When you’re fangirling over another member (NCT U)

-They accidentally text you something dirty (NCT 127)

-They find your old tumblr (NCT U)

-Others telling you that Taeyong has a crush on you


-Reaction to their crush being strong and confident person who can take care of herself

-Reaction to walking in on you hitting a really high note


-Johnny asking you out on a date

Conversation reactions:

-Reaction to learning that you lied to him when you first met if he was famous or not (Mark)

Super Junior:

Conversation reactions:

-Reaction to you beating him in a video game (Kyuhyun)

-Reaction to his girlfriend being self-conscious and staring at the mirror (Heechul)

Jay Park:


-He doesn’t exactly like being separated from you at the party




E X O  +  S L I C E  O F  L I F E

sehun is an aspiring artist who hires jongin to model for one of his works. jongdae is a writer with a bad case of writer’s block and minseok is the barista in the cafe he frequents. baekhyun is a culinary prodigy and chanyeol is the clumsy new waiter in his restaurant. yixing is an up-and-coming musician who collaborates with a renowned producer named junmyeon, and kyungsoo is the long-suffering director who doubles as the third wheel in a bicycle built for two.