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dishonored dlc idea #2: court life is getting BORING and you, as young emily kaldwin, are itching to do something mischievous. sneak around dunwall tower after your lessons and find your best friend in the whole world, corvo attano, and plan your evening of destruction.

low chaos: let corvo talk you out of being a terror child and instead spend the afternoon putting together a nice picnic basket for you, him and mother. optional objectives include finding jessamine’s favorite elderberry jam, and secretly requesting corvo’s favorite hagfish dumplings. the three of you have a nice, idyllic meal bathed in the light of the setting sun.

high chaos: bribe corvo with a cut of the goods as you tell him the location of anton sokolov’s secret licorice stash. royal inventor or not, you are the future empress so that candy rightfully belongs to you. distract or incapacitate the guards with your antics so corvo can sneak into sokolov’s workshop undisturbed, then meet at the rendezvous point to share in the plunder. finish the day with a stomach ache and a scolding from mother for the stains on your new shirt, along with a proud high five from corvo (who is also in trouble)

if ‘radical’ in radical feminism comes from the latin ‘radix’ meaning root, because we dig down and dismantle the roots of female oppression, can we call liberal feminists ‘folial feminists’ from the latin ‘folia’ meaning leaf? because they are attempting to dismantle the entire tree of female oppression by picking off the leaves and then acting surprised when they grow back

Detention/AntiSepticEye Theory

Okay, so I know Anti never left. That’s been obvious since Halloween, but here’s the thing. In Detention, Ray has been possessed, we’ve seen two different copies of her, and she’s obviously haunted by her past. Like, I think it’s safe to say that she’s anything but a normal human girl. Ray keeps searching for something, using pieces from her past to solve puzzles towards escaping whatever version of Hell she’s in during this haunted treasure hunt. I think the copy that we see of Ray is her “glitch,” maybe the part of her that went bad and witnessed/committed all of these screwed up scenarios.

We see Anti in Detention maybe once or twice (per video), and he’s commonly known as a glitch. However, I don’t think it’s Anti that’s appearing. What if Jack hasn’t been posting videos at all? What if Anti has been playing as Jack this whole time? I mean, think about it. There hasn’t been a Reading Your Comments video in months. The last one was before Anti took over/killed/did something to Jack. What if it’s not Anti in those shots? What if it’s Jack trying to fight his way back, win control over his own body again? I don’t know; it’s just a theory. A GAAAAAAME THEORY.

please consider my proposal for wbb season 3: panda starts dating charlie. all of the lighthearted jokes about panda not being able to get a girlfriend are replaced by lighthearted jokes about nobody believing that panda’s boyfriend is real because the only “evidence” he has is his brothers’ (ie. biased, unreliable) eyewitness accounts, and all of the pictures he has look like this