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“Y/N are you listening to me?” Your mother snapped her fingers in front of your face at the dinner table, 

“You should stop putting so much salt on your food - it’s bad for you.” She spoke calmly in her soft voice as she took the table salt away.

You’d being staying at your childhood home with your parents just outside of town for the past 5 weeks as part of your bail condition. Unable to venture into the centre of town meant that you couldn’t go to work, not that you were welcome there anyway, you couldn’t see Belle, and you couldn’t go home. The once strong, independent, socialite you were was now entirely gone; you felt like a stranger to yourself.

“Two more days.” Your dad cupped your face and kissed your forehead,
“Two more days and then the world will see that you’re innocent in all of this.” He smiled kindly as he stood up from the dining table, taking the dishes into the kitchen.

Do you need a hand with those?” You shouted after him, desperate to find something to do.
Living back at home with your parents was great for the first three days or so, especially as your mother made it so you did barely any housework or laundry, but soon enough having no independence, nowhere to go and nothing to do got depressing.

“I’m okay Y/N. You go on upstairs, use my phone to ring Belle.” He shouted back. Anybody who saw him would be intimidated, he was a big guy with a loud voice and a constant frown, but he was easily the kindest man you knew.

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Smores (Cisco Ramon x Reader)

Trigger warning: Talk of death.

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Although Cisco had somewhat forgiven Barry Allen for the murder of his brother, Dante, the bitterness between them was still present. It was understandable to you, to be fair. Especially the part where he wouldn’t go back and save him (like he did with his parents)- that’s what made Cisco the most angry. The idea that he’d risk anything to go and save his own family but would refuse to save his friends.

Barry, however, was truly sorry. You could see the guilt eating away at him, depriving him of a full nights sleep or a genuine smile. He was trying with all of his effort to save the city and save his friendship but he just couldn’t seem to choose which one to prioritise. 

You and the group attempted to help him out and make amends with Cisco- to finally get the group back together again but nothing worked. It was like he could see right through you, he knew exactly what you were doing.

 You hated seeing Cisco, the excitable, movie loving, beautifully nerdy bio-engineer, upset. But he was broken, torn apart by his brothers death and, due to the messed up timeline, the responsibility was Barry’s. If Barry wasn’t so selfish, Dante would still be alive. For the safety and the sanity of the team, they needed to make up.

That’s why, when everything with the Dominators was over, Barry arranged for a group road trip to the beach. He hoped that it would lift the tension and lighten the mood. 

So that’s what happened. Barry hired an ironically red mini-van and gathered up the team (including HR and Joe), for a trip to the coast. You had somehow bribed your aunt to lend you her beach house for a few days. It was a beautiful, spacious house on the coast with six bedrooms and an uplifting aura.

“Everyone give it up for America’s favourite fighting Frenchman!” You, along with Iris, Barry and even HR, shouted out, a large grin on your face.

 You were around an hour into the journey, only coping by singing along to the Hamilton soundtrack and laughing at anything and everything.

Joe, as self-proclaimed father of the group, was the designated driver, with HR riding shotgun and being in control of the music. The middle row was Barry, Iris and Caitlin. You rode with Cisco and Wally in the back of the van. 

Whilst the majority of the group were laughing and messing around, Cisco didn’t bare one smile. Secondly to you, Wally noticed the mans discomfort and nudged him with his elbow. Cisco frowned.

“C’mon man, this is your favourite song!” Wally pointed out, his wide smile fading.

“Excuse me if i’m not jumping for joy,” Replied Cisco, in a low murmur. Annoyed, he folded his arms and frowned.

Iris glanced back for a moment, looking over Barry’s arm that was over the back of her seat, “At least try and be happy, Cisco,” She said, her voice drowned in sympathy, “Barry arranged the whole trip.”

“Which is why i’m not happy.”

You could only imagine the upset from on Barrys face from the last statement and, Caitlin obviously did, spinning around with a little frown, “Cisco..”

“Hey, HR?” you called from the your seat, leaning over to be closer to him, 

“Yes, (Y/N)? HR Wells at your merry service!” He shuffled around in his seat, bearing his large grin at you.

“Switch the disc and play Cabinet Battle number one!” As he obliged, you leaned your chin onto Cisco’s shoulder and murmured to him, “You’re gonna have to take the part of Hamilton in this. Otherwise, i’ll be left in a rap battle with Caitlin and we all know how well that went last time.”

He glanced at you with a pleading look but the wall eventually dropped as you pouted your lower lip. The pair of you put on quite the performance.

Four hours after you had arrived at the beach house, you were still at the beach. A blanket of black had taken over the bright blue of the sky, sparkling freckles littering its complexion. Bar Cisco, you had all gathered around a campfire with HR giving you all a step by step tutorial on how to make smores. It’s not like you didn’t already know, but it kept him happy. 

Your eyes couldn’t stop flickering over to the man who’s smile you craved. Cisco was sat alone maybe 200 feet from the rest of the group, glancing out across the water. You decided to put an end to his sorrow. Handing your smore to Joe, you stood and quietly walked over to the Bio-engineer before sitting down next to him, bringing your knees up to your chest and tugging your, his, hoodie over your hands.

“I hope you don’t mind that i took this. It was on the sofa and i just grabbed it. To be fair it could’ve been Barry’s.”

Cisco scoffed and shook his head. You could see his watery eyes in the gentle moonlight, “Enough about Barry!” He was irritated and upset, you could tell through his shaky voice and small posture, “Everything’s always about Barry! Sure, he’s The Flash, but it’s always about him! Everyone is always so in love with Barry! Yeah, well news flash, he’s not such a big hero, is he?!”

You raised to your knees, kneeling in front of him and cupping a side of his face, your thumb running over his cheekbone, smudging a tear drop, “I know. Okay? I know, and i’m just as upset at him as you are.”

Cisco leaned back to take a good look at you. Your hair was all textured and wavy from the sea, thrown up into a messy bun. Your face lacked makeup but it was gorgeous anyway. On your body was your white summer dress, but with his Navy STAR labs zip-up over the top, “Your brother didn’t die because of him, (Y/N).”

You stayed silent for a moment, lightly tracing your fingernails over his scalp as you combed his hair back, feeling his hands grip your hips. 

“I hate seeing you like this, Francisco,” You eventually said, laying your forehead down on his, “and i’m sure Dante would never want you to be this torn up.”

“I-” Cisco was about to speak before he shook his head and closed his mouth.

“This is me, Francisco. You can talk to me. Talk to me please. i wont allow you to grieve alone.”

“It just doesn’t feel real. I feel like he’s just gonna come home and take over mama’s heart again. Instead she’s just crying, she doesn’t do anything but cry. Dante made us all so happy, even if he was a bit of an ass.” Cisco sighed, rubbing his thumbs in circles on your hips.

“I know, mi amor. Dante would still want you to smile. If not for him, please try for me. Come have fun with us, i’m sure HR saved you a smore.”

Cisco ran his hands over his face, a breathy chuckle coming from his mouth, “I know one thing that would make me smile.”


“Yeah,” He walked you closer to him so that you were straddling his lap, craning his neck up to press his lips softly against yours. You instantly kissed him back, arms wrapping around his neck. His touch on your hips was so gentle, and his kiss awoke all of the butterflies in your stomach, making your tummy do flips and turns.

“I’m sorry to interrupt, but i think we may have over-smored your smore,” You heard HR’s voice, forcing you to pull away from the kiss that you could stay in all night. Cisco pushed his face into your neck, a light laugh shaking his body against yours. And oh, how you loved that noise.

Living Together AU - The Holiday

One of the times Jack comes to LA, when all the official stuff is done, they decide to go on a little holiday - Mark, Jack, Amy, Signe, Ethan, Tyler and Kat

Since Anti and Dark can’t be left alone they have to come too, which leads to some interesting rules being made.

They end up hiring a camper van and some tents and doing a mini road trip in the wilderness around LA.

Dark and Anti have their own tent, which suits them fine, and they end up sitting at the back of the camper van, usually playing cards or doing whatever else they find interesting during the drives.

They’re the ones that suggest staying up late, making smores and telling creepy stories.

Tyler nearly hits Dark with a baseball bat because Dark was getting water from the van in the middle of the night and they thought he was a burglar.

Anti lost his shit when that happened he thought it was super funny.

Dark and Anti are introduced as Mark and Jack’s twins whenever they end up going anywhere because the two refuse to be left out of group activities since Mark and Jack insisted they come along.

Anti does not do well in the heat of the desert.

Mark and Dark decide to play pranks on the others, leading to a prank war between them all.

Cards Against Humanity gal our tbh.

Despite not really wanting Dark and Anti as part of the trip, they all actually have a good time.

Ethan gets bitten by a snake and Dark transports him to a hospital using the void. It was non-venomous and not dangerous but he’s thankful for Dark’s quick thinking.

Anti glitches their technology to have stronger signals so it still works out in the middle of nowhere.

Mark does a small live-stream thanks to that.

By the end of the trip they’ve made one massive tent out of all the small tents using canopies that came with the van, with separate sleeping areas but one big communal area.

Dark and Anti are allowed to wander off and blow off some steam as long as they come back in a reasonable amount of time.

There’s a night where Mark, Jack, Anti and Dark are left as the only ones awake and they sit together by the campfire and talk. There’s a sort of…mutual understanding born from it that Dark and Anti are never going to stop trying to gain full control, but they also do find enjoyment in little things like this with Mark and Jack.

When they finally return home, Jack realises Anti brought home the same snake that bit Ethan and wants to keep it.

Going on a road trip with the marauders would include

Request: Please do a road trip with the marauders would include!

  • Hiring a mini van so you could all fit
  • Stopping off every 20 minutes
  • Lots of snacks
  • And energy drinks.
  • “I need to stretch my legs” Sirius would complain.
  • “We stopped 10 minutes ago!”

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  • Playing truths
  • And not being able to escape their embarrasing questions.
  • Watching the sun rise on a beach.
  • Huddled up together with your coats on.
  • James’ arm around you tightly.

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  • Stopping off at hotels to get some shut eye.
  • Playing card games and never have i ever
  • Laughing at eachothers dumb jokes
  • Bringing up eachothers embarrasing moments.

Originally posted by thevintageloser

  • Taking tons of photographs
  • Taking turns driving
  • James always pretending to be asleep when its his turn.
  • Cuddling inbetween James and Sirius in the back.
  • Pulling pranks on the last one sleeping.
  • Watching the sun set
  • Your head on James’ shoulder.
  • Feeling lucky to apart of such an amazing group of friends.

Originally posted by skylerlockerbie

  • Taking late night walks on the beach
  • Getting tipsy and sleeping under the stars
  • Arguing over who has to sit in the middle seat.
  • Arging over what music to listen to.
  • “Driver picks the music shotgun shuts his cakehole!”
  • “Is that another muggle tv reference?” Sirius would roll his eyes while putting in a CD.

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  • Stopping off to take a look around new towns.
  • Lots of exploring
  • Chasing eachother around
  • “Stretched your legs enough yet Sirius?”
  • “Not quite yet” He would smirk starting a tickle fight.

Originally posted by everyhtingslove

  • James turning the music right up
  • And winding the windows down.
  • Everyone screaming the lyrics
  • And having a car dance party.

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So a White man hires a van and runs it into a group of Muslims coming out of an islamic centre in London, and they are bitching about it. Its called and Eye for an Eye, get used to it because more are on the way “Happy Ramadan Fuckers”

Road trip in New Zealand with my super awesome 2 years old Mia
External image

While writing it, I’m sitting in a van, looking at a beautiful beach covered with white stones, there’s a little water paddle where seagulls take a bath and I drink coffee. I could go out, but I have so many sandflies bites (popular in this area), that I am a bit scared. I took a few pictures already while jumping to keep them away. Mia is asleep and I finally have a moment to write.

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📍Zamboanga City: Merloquet Falls

How to get to Merloquet Falls?

From Zamboanga City, you have 3 options to get to Merloquet Falls. (1) Travel by bus from the town center, make your way to Sevilla Street where you can find jeepneys or tricycles going to Guiwan Terminal. At the terminal, ride a bus bound for Pagadian City or Dipolog. Travel time may vary from 2 to 3 hours. Fare is Php60. Ask the bus conductor to drop you off at Brgy Vitali. From there, you may hire a Habal-habal that will take you to Merloquet Falls. Fare is Php300/2 pax (2) Travel by van. From Southway Square Mall ride a van, ask the driver to drop you to Brgy Vitali. Fare is Php100. Then hire a Habal-habal. (3) Hire a private van or jeep. 3000php round trip.

Other fees * Entrance Fees: Php5 per person.
* Parking Fees: Php10/per motorcycle and Php20 for cars and other vehicles.


Adam: Hello again, I’m ever so sorry for the wait. It appears that we have two vans available for the Saturday. The first van runs from 9am until 12pm and the second van runs from 3pm until 6pm. Are any of those convenient for you?

Grace: It’s no problem about the wait. I’d like to hire the first van, please.

Adam: That’s won’t be a problem. I just need to collect a few details first, if that’s okay.

Things John Finnemore Has Ruined* Forever

the ending of Casablanca


hiring a man and van 




bears (all varieties)


the number 19

pineapple juice

Peach Schnapps

going through the airport metal detector

The Archers

takeaway pizza

getting some keys made

the Olympics








the World Cup (“The World what?” “The World Cup.” “The what Cup?”)

the Grand National





sea lions


hotel towels

Top Gun


ice cream vans 

ice cream chimes

train announcements


Leon Trotsky

Thomas The Tank Engine

Doctor Who


Winston Churchill’s most famous speech

ordering coffee in coffee shops


The Famous Five books

the area of South London known as Elephant & Castle

the songs “Greensleeves”, “Deck The Halls”, “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen”, “Fly Me To The Moon”, and “Come Fly With Me” (and many more)

aviator sunglasses


dragon fwoo





King Arthur

the words awesome and awful

Timbuktu (Timbuktu)

Jelly Babies

Russselll Crooooowe

Any words beginning with Q

putting on a seatbelt

dressing gowns

Duxford Air Museum

the phrase not a happy bunny

any dish containing rice as the main ingredient

fire extinguishers



anything with tentacles




Christmas stockings

the NATO Phonetic Alphabet (“Mick! Mi! Muh!”)

using a stepladder (“or, as we call it, the Widow Maker”)

Pony Club girls

getting out of sync



French accents

Australian accents

Irish accents


the word bravery

Jekyll & Hyde

baked potatoes


Christmas gift supplements

choosing a restaurant




putting on a seatbelt

wiiiiinnnndddddd-drrrrriiiiieeeeeedddd ssssaaaauuuuussssaaaggeeeee

booking a holiday

the Grand Canal in Venice





the word basking

buying a watch

yellow cars


the Seven Deadly Sins

the Seven Dwarves

the Six Nations



reading the Sunday papers





the word brilliant


… and…

snow leopards

Winnie the Pooh


jacket pockets

* changed, and infinitely improved