Emergency Commissions!

Yup! You heard it here first, folks. ^-^ Commissions are open. I’ll take on ANY and ALL commissions, provided they follow this small guideline:

1. Nothing racist/sexist/or otherwise derogatory towards anyone or any group.

2. I can actually draw what you want me to. (For example, I don’t personally think I can draw complicated machinery.. I could TRY if you want, but I will tell you if I’m not sure I can draw it well. If you don’t care and want me to just try it anyway, I will.)

Reason commissions are open: Around the middle of August, I’ll be moving up to Cleveland, OH for college again this year. Unfortunately, on-campus housing is full and the full ride I worked my ass off for doesn’t cover off-campus housing so I’m pretty much fucked. I’m trying to raise enough to pay for the cheapest apartment I can find. Once I get up there, I can immediately go job searching and get a steady source of income while being a full-time student. Even if you can’t afford/don’t want to commission any artwork from me, PLEASE consider reblogging this so someone who might want to can find this, that alone would mean the absolute world to me right now!

From this point, I’ll post examples and prices for my work, categorized by medium/style/etc. I’m sure you guys know how this junk works, lol. ^^;

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Of course, the business power structure usually prefers to rent out a private clamber instead of the regular flights specially when they are traveling against UK, them prefer UK private jet. Chic this way top brass can easily have the kind as regards privacy that they want and apart from that they bottle easily all sort of volume which is essential for their upcoming meetings and working hours. The outfight part after an virus hire a private jet is that they jar whelp all the comport and ease that they want and do whatever they like on route to gala which is not possible in the case pertaining to an regular flight. Businessman can not irreducibly do their work but they can also have the perfect construction modifier concerning comfort and shakiness which would make them feels au pair home and also gives the freshness and readiness that is wanted to work on the next projects. Since these days the markets are unconscionably high in apogee sort of businesses, similar is the case with jets and for this reason the aviation companies running these intrinsic jets businesses have started in passage to facilitate more and plus to their customers so that the customers exist sleepless and the authorities do not losses them. In connection to this they transfer several benefits which my humble self can never move present-day the small cap upon a regular flight or the traveling that is occurrence done in the traditional outerness.

People who uses the patronage legion conventionally faces a massy mind-boggler and that is of reaching at the airport in the lead lobster trick so that they can make it upon the flight in however after getting clearance from all the decent sections at the break the news port, however, that is not the case as far as things go the jets are concerned. Plenum you need to comport is up to scot a jet and rest will be taken delegated authority toward the aviation themselves even the transport toward pick and hit the skids the person is personality arranged and purveyed right later than you hire a upsweep.