Black men w/ no criminal record applying for jobs treated same as white men fresh out of prison


Even if a black man is never called a nigger in the job application process, racism is alive and well in today’s competitive marketplace. In a powerful editorial for the NY Times, it’s made clear that the deck is stacked firmly against African Americans in ways that are incredibly destructive.

The sociologist Devah Pager, a Harvard professor who has meticulously researched the effect of race on hiring policies, has also shown that stereotypes have a powerful effect on job possibilities. In one widely cited study, she sent carefully selected test applicants with equivalent résumés to apply for low-level jobs with hundreds of employers. Ms. Pager found that criminal convictions for black men seeking employment were virtually impossible to overcome in many contexts, partly because convictions reinforced powerful, longstanding stereotypes.

The stigma of a criminal record was less damaging for white testers. In fact, those who said that they were just out of prison were as likely to be called back for a second interview as black men who had no criminal history at all. “Being black in America today is just about the same as having a felony conviction in terms of one’s chances of finding a job,” she wrote in her book, “Marked: Race, Crime and Finding Work in an Era of Mass Incarceration.”

Are you getting that?

A black man with no criminal history or record whatsoever is as likely to get called back for a second interview as a white man fresh out of prison! Damn, that’s ugly. So ugly.

I won’t even get into the vicious cycle that is created when any one segment of the American population is consistently discriminated against in the job market. What’s clear is this - racism is alive and well in America and must be confronted head on.

What are your best ideas for how racism in the job market can be addressed?

Shaun King


Shaun says the right thing. I’m not sure that this problem can be solved immediately, but we should start solving it immediately. We should express our thoughts on racism openly and widely. Each white American should realize the scale of challenges in lives of black people. Our work is to spread the message that we are humans. And we got to demand the support of the White House. They have means and influence on educational institutions.

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“Thanks for meeting today!”
“Thanks for having me. I brought cookies.”
“Oh, you didn’t have to do that! But thank you!”
“No problem.”
“Did you bring a resume?”
“The cookies are my resume.”
“What was that?”
“I said the cookies are my resume.”
“Haha. Well they’re good alright. But really, did you already email your resume over?”
“You can’t email cookies. Sorry if you’re just finding that out.”
“Enough about the cookies. If you want to be considered for the position, I need to see your resume.”
“You just ate my resume.”
“Enough! Fine. Just tell me about yourself and work experience.”
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“That’s a cookie recipe, isn’t it?”
“That’s my resume.”
“Get the fuck out of my office.”
“I have a CV if you want it.”
“…show it to me.”
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