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And let’s not forget this!

Shingeki no Kyojin Getting Live Action TV Show:

In conjunction with the two live action films, several of the film’s stars will be starring in this live action tv show that will be a new story that follows the “everyday lives and secrets” of the soldiers.  The main character will be Hanji, played again by Ishihara Satomi.  Other characters from the live actions making confirmed appearances will be Sasha (Sakuraba Nanami), Fukushi (Watanabe Shu), Lil (Takeda Rina), and Hiana (Misaki Ayame). There will also be a new character played by Hiraoka Yuuta. The TV show will have the same director as the live action films, but there is no confirmation on Isayama’s involvement with this next project.  It begins streaming in August on dTV. (source)