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Things I don't like about the Kuroshitsuji fandom
  • 01:It wasn't supposed to be yaoi, not even hardcore yaoi. Just because Yana has written some yaoi doesn't mean all her works must fit in that genre. One thing is plot and another fanservice. Saying that Kuro is yaoi because Yana drew that in the past is like saying that Hellsing is hentai because Kohta Hirano drew it before.
  • 02:You can not ship Sebaciel and the world will be okay. In fact, as long as you know how to separate fiction from reality, ship whatever you want in the series. But they'll be that, fiction.
  • 03:People have more difficulties accepting Grell as trans and Diederich as fat than they have sexualizing Ciel and/or Alois.
  • 04:There is no need of slicing throats whenever someone talks shit about a pairing or character. Not everybody likes the same things and that's fine.
  • 05:I've seen too many times how all the dark themes on Kuro are dumoed away to make more place for the fluff. It's fine but what fluff? The serie is settled on Victorian England and that wasn't wine and roses and sparkles...

i took a stab at kouta hirano’s art style and i feel like…/whoops missed it. the dude’s pen game is too strong, my hand has a cramp cause im a lil bitch. i at least wanted to get across his usage of dark lines and shadows.