hiram mcdaniels

If WTNV characters were Overwatch heros

Hiram Mcdaniels: 5 headed dragon tank. Incredibly slow, weak attack, but has five lives, and it’s the best character when you plan on contesting the point or payload. Ult probably has all five heads circle himself in fire, burning nearby enemies. 

Carlos: Support hero who can heal his team members no matter where they are on the map. Can teleport around through doors and his main attack gives the enemy throat spiders, taking damage over a period of time. 

Cecil: A slow mobility hero with a lot of hp. His ult allows him to select an enemy and make them an intern, instantly killing them. He can throw handheld radios at the enemy team to hypnotize them for a few seconds, or talk into his radio, making him vulnerable for a few seconds, to mess with the controls of the enemy team. He depends a lot on the support of his team to really shine as a hero.

That’s all I got right now but aaaa please someone discuss this with me I love this crossover 

A Night Vale Alphabet

Best if read in the voice of Cecil Palmer (Beware of spoilers)

A’s for the Tracker (Apache, he said)

Not quite as embarrassing now that he’s dead.

B’s for Big Rico, best under the sun.

No one does pizza like Rico, NO ONE.

C’s for the council, with crowns of soft meat.

They’re off on a clearly pre-scheduled retreat.

D is for Dana, or maybe her twin.

It’s hard to say which of them managed to win.

E is for Emmett, or Ernest some claim.

It’s hard to remember him, even his name.

F is the Faceless Old Woman who roams

Unseen just behind you. She lives in your home.


H is for Hiram and all of his heads,

A literal dragon who ran from the feds.

I’s for the Interns who’ve come and who’ve gone.

We send our condolences, then we move on.

J is John Peters (The farmer. You know.)

Folks love the invisible corn that he grows.

K is for Kevin who worked here a while.

Beware of the lies hiding under his smile.

L can be found on the edge of the town

It’s old Larry Leroy. He’s always around.

M is for Marcus, the town’s richest man.

I’d tell you what happened, but I don’t think I can.

N is for Nazr, the school’s football coach.

His tongue’s pretty creepy. I wouldn’t approach.

O’s Old Woman Josie, whom we dearly missed,

Surrounded by friends who do not exist.

P is for Pamela, mayor no more,

A press conference chief with surprises in store.

Q is a question you never will voice.

No “shouldn’t” about it. You don’t have a choice.

R is for Roger, who paid with a spine.

It bought him a condo and terror sublime.

S is for Steve. I’ll try not to rant.

He once saved my life by- No, sorry. I can’t.

T’s for Tamika, that lover of books.

She’s already found, so don’t bother to look.

U’s for the people just under lane five.

They’ll only rest when we’re no longer alive.

V is the vague yet menacing team

That works for the government. So it would seem.

W is for worms…(ellipsis, no caps)

If you can’t find your dog, it’s the pellet that yaps.

X has been cancelled, we’re sorry to say.

There’s nothing to see here, so be on your way.

Y is for you, it just so turns out.

You’re sometimes the one that the story’s about.

Z is the sound once you’ve turned out the light,

So Carlos and I wish you all a good night.

How Episode 100(Toast) of Welcome to Night Vale saved 2016

For all those who doubted the amount of fangirl in me and asked if my glow cloud actually glowed. Don’t want to spoil anything about last night’s episode but let me just tell you-Things Fell Apart.

I caught up with wtnv and am still in little happy disbelief. Congrats to our fav radio host, you have waited long enought boy!

I know Hiram wasn’t there in person but i guess i just really wanted him to get better and attend after all:(