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Pairing: Hirato/Akari
Theme: a doctor’s hand

For obvious reasons, a doctor had to be very precise with his hands.

And Hirato could always tell that Akari was a doctor; even if he didn’t know him personally, the light, feathery touches would be trademark of a doctor’s, leaving him with a slight smirk.

“Can’t ever fully leave work…”

Akari would scoff.

“Someone could die if I’m inattentive.”

But arguments would fall silent; Hirato dared to let a single moan pass his lips but Akari’s touches always led his fingers to where he was most sensitive, leave ghosts and whispers of their presence. His neck, his shoulders; his sides, his chest; Akari knew only too well his most sensitive spots and the rare moments he would be able to keep his eyes open granted the sight of Akari smirking at him.

A doctor’s touch was light and delicate, sometimes too much so.

But sometimes a doctor’s touch was rough and violent, left bruises on Hirato’s skin that he’d chuckle about the next morning.

Actually, he thought about it one morning as he examined the bruise, it’s only me that Akari’s rough with during check ups…

Kill you or fuck you or both
Fandom: Karneval
Ship: Hirato/Akari
prompt (drbubblestein):  hirakari, hirato trying to get akari to go to a circus show or somethin, idk 

vaguely NSFW idk

With his fingers pressed firmly to his temples, Akari closes his eyes and tries to collect himself before he throws Hirato straight out of his own office. Here he was, thinking he was called for something important, thinking someone needed more patches, but no. It was just Hirato being Hirato, because (in his words) ’you never would have come here, otherwise.‘ 

“You could have just called me.”

“You wouldn’t have answered.”

“If you stopped bothering me with useless things, maybe I’d pick up—”

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THIS CHAPTER! It made me realize how hard I ship Akari and Hirato and I hate it. I don’t even know if they’re a ship but I’m so invested in them it hurts! I probably ship them as much as I ship Yogi and Gareki now.

I mean excuse me, is this the start of a hot for teacher porno? Cause that’s the vibe I’m getting. Hirato is just so suave and Akari’s so easily flustered. They’re relationship in school is literally the setting of every student/teacher fanfiction ever. Which I would like to read btw! Fuck you Karneval. I don’t need more random OTP’s. Good bye world. I’m off to find fanfiction. OTP rant over!

Ohhh I’m actually getting this done (somewhat) :0 errr well I don’t know how I feel about it yet but so far what I got is this and ughhghgu I feel like Hirato’s outfit isn’t even elaborate enough as Akari’s but idk it has a more masculine appeal to it (?) I might do some changes to Hirato’s design once I scan it and yeah. Proportions totally off but thank the lord for being able to fix it on the computer OTL. Anyways yeah… ////

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Pairing: Hirato/Akari
Theme: seduction

While the idea of men in uniform was popular, Hirato would admit that a white coat and stethoscope could often be even more alluring.

Pink was a color that didn’t suit such a stoic man, much less as a hair color, but there was nothing to be done about something natural, Hirato supposed. A light hair color to match fair skin donned in a white coat that was a trademark of doctors, Hirato always made sure to note that aside from skin, he and Akari seemed to be visually opposites in colors.

That wasn’t to say there was anything wrong with it.

The black rubber of the stethoscope was a sharp contrast to the back of Akari’s neck, the coat framing his broad shoulders well. His hair was always brushed back and yet messy in a certain manner and a scowl seemed to be out of place on the face on someone who should try to put his patients at ease, not make them more uncomfortable.

Although, Hirato would admit, he held a good majority as to the reason why Akari scowled so often.

And so whenever Hirato needed a check up, he’d walk in and sit on the desk, legs crossing and watch Akari for a moment, waiting for him to finish whatever paperwork he had and look up with a scowl, always snapping, always making Hirato’s smirk widen a bit.


“Here for my check up, doctor…”

Échapper au clair de lune || Hirakari one-shot

Title: Échapper au clair de lune
Pairing: Hirato and Akari
Rating: M
Word Count:1,221
Summary: A moonlight escape for two lovers, but with angst undertones.
A/N: My first Hirakari ficlet thing, it’s really short and dsfjhdkjaf please be gentle my senpais, I’ll do better one day

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there is this idea in my head...

but i’m sadly no writer and i don’t even know if it’s a good idea or not. But i would love to see sth like an HirAkari AU-ish fic =D

basically i just thought that it was cute how Tokitatsu wrote to Akari what was wrong on the round table and he just answered like Hirato is friggin annoying, so it got stuck in my head

why not make Tokitatsu and Akari school/class mates or just friends who go to the same university and met there. As Akari visits Tokitatsu one day Hirato sees him and gets curious and wants to know more about the friend of his brother and maybe tries to see him more often with strange reasons entering the room of his brother or whatnot..hirato schemes maybe? =D

when they’re older Hirato still annoys the heck out of Akari when they meet at the same workplace at some day again…or even at circus? no one said it can’t be mentioned or..sth like that..i don’t know, my idea didn’t reach that far =’D

if such a fic already exists, would someone mind linking me to it? ^.^