You guuuuyyys I found another deck that I want! AND I’M HERE TO ENABLE THE REST OF YOU, as usual.

These are from the Hirajeta Tarot, which is currently about 20% funded on Kickstarter. The goal is $2,000 and a deck starts at the $30 reward tier. The Kickstarter project will end at March 19th.

I went to the artist’s deviantart page and grabbed these images of the Page of Swords, Ace of Wands, Page of Pentacles, Ace of Cups, Queen of Pentacles and the Ace of Swords for your viewing pleasure. I am really digging the vibe of this deck!

I haven’t pledged yet (I have to figure out how much I’ll be able to afford to spend come March XD) but…I am about 99% sure I’m going to.

Go to the Kickstarter page and watch the video. See if you can guess the exact moment I knew I needed the deck.

(SPOILER:  It was when I saw the Empress holy shit)

Note: If you can’t afford the deck now (or rather, on March 19th, when you’ll need to pay for it), the artist is planning on attempting to get the deck published by one of the major tarot publishers. So hopefully this will all be successful and a mass produced version will be available later as well!

My haul from Pagan Pride! In case anybody was curious.

Some things I got in a swag bag for trying to donate blood were the horse ornament, the Uruz rune magnet, the bumper sticker (for the car I don’t have, lol) and a new sage bundle.

I also got a new pendulum! I haven’t tested it out yet but I’m digging the rainbow.

I also got a tarot reading from an intuitive reader, a variation I had never tried before. Boyfriend was with me the whole time and mentioned she was the real deal; he’s very sensitive to energies and every card she picked he would have picked as well. The overall message? Stop stalling and start taking steps to really become a professional tarot reader. Which is something I’ve been thinking a lot more about lately. Could also be a sign, now that I think of it, to write that dang witchcraft book already.

I got the Hirajeta Tarot (even after I promised myself no new decks for a while, but I couldn’t resist) straight from the artist himself! He’s a really nice guy and I feel compelled to ask people to support him because he’s super talented and deserves it! The art style has a comparable feel to Tarot of the Silicon Dawn with its evocative imagery, mixed with the art style of Gorillaz. I haven’t read on it yet, but apparently people say it tends to be no-nonsense and straightforward which I appreciate. The two art pieces next to the deck are also by the artist; the one of Pan came with the deck and the other was a commission of two of my novel’s characters.

Boyfriend also got me this adorable hand-knitted witch hat. I’m usually not one for wearing literal pointed hats, but this one is so comfortable and happy-feeling. My entire aesthetic is basically being cozy.

Finally, this beautiful leather-bound book with the world tree on it. I already have a grimoire with plenty of room in it, but it’s mostly filled from my Wiccan phase or “still trying to not call it witchcraft” phase where I had a different viewpoint and code of ethics. Once I’m done with that, I’m going to start filling this new one with finished spells, more “tried-and-true” workings and really build something that looks more like the grimoire of an experienced witch. Or at least how I like to feel it should look.


I was almost half asleep when I heard my mother honking like a crazy person outside. So I go out and she’s checked the mail on her way out. And what did she find?

My copy of the Hirajeta Tarot!!

I ordered the deck + art journal (I ended up with the Mercury journal that’s shown on the Kickstarter page) and they’re both WONDERFUL. 

And, for the record, my oversized major arcana cards were:

  • The World x2
  • The Lovers
  • Death
  • The Emperor
  • The High Priestess

dfgafdssadg I just asdf I knew I would like these cards but they’re super amazing. Like, THE HIGH PRIESTESS. She’s playing the harp, which is in the shape of a crescent moon. And the crescent has been like, stabbed through her and her blood is spilling out onto the floor. That just really speaks to me *___*




And in those cages are things like animals, a person, a tree and land and sky I JUST HDFGAFSAFSF

I can't wait until this deck is mass produced (one of the publishers is bound to pick it up!) because asdfasdf I need another copy. And I need other people to have copies.