Spring campaign on facebook - interaction, sharing and liking

Putting together a great campaign that will create a lot more likes on the corporate fanpage and bring the brand top of mind among the target group across Europe is exactly what we set out to do for Hipvilla.com. Easy to comprehend and to join - with that little something something. But what is it all good for, does the interaction and likes even matter? It all depends on your strategy! A campaign for the sake of doing a campaign is like putting on a clown costume just to be noticed. Well, kind of. You might get noticed put there’s no purpose what-so-ever. The purpose of getting likes and interaction with the Hipvilla fanbase is evident when you think about it. Hipvilla is an online store that needs to attract the right crowd of potential buyers, so it’s not just any crowd. It’s the creme de la creme of crowds! When increasing the fanbase on facebook Hipvilla gets it’s own great community to talk directly to the potential customers - and especially do certain sales only on the facebook page. The convertion rate is so much stronger here compared to “meeting” the target group on traditionally web banners online somewhere. We use the Hipvilla facebook fanpage as it was any other customer club - only we do it virtually face to face, every day all day. And we use a vast variety of elements, this particular campaign is all just part of the fun :-)

Never underestimate the power of dialogue

When we lay down the creative strategy and corporate development for the interior design product webshop, Hipvilla.com, we always keep a firm eye on the customer experience for the webshop. We think of it as the great power within!

At the end of 2012 we launched Hipvilla outdoor adverting on most of the city busses in Copenhagen and we launched a webbanner campaign in Sweden as well as a boost on the Facebook content. All of it followed both the branding strategy and the sales strategy. We saw an increase in buying customers on the shop - an increase that didn’t stop when the Christmas holidays did. Actually January and February showed a further increase that even beat the Christmas sale, because we succeeded in combining the branding part with the hardcore sales aspect.

In the beginning of 2013 we have followed up with a focus on dialogue! This turns Hipvilla.com into a certain “fellowship” with the customers - turning water into wine, figuratively speaking, due to the fact that the customers are looked upon as friends rather than customers. This includes funny and informative talks at the shop’s online chat, a lot more interaction on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for the “fellowship” - and even personal, handwritten designer cards attached to the customer’s shipment.

This is a blast being a part of and the customers now start to post “thank you’s” and “high-fives” on Instagram and Facebook - acknowledging the fact that turning the focus to dialogue marketing for the online store is greatly appreciated.