hipsters in congress

“I need feminism because… There are more MPs called Dave than female MPs”

Yeah. Fuck you, Dave. 

How dare you study politics and take an interest in leadership roles. What a selfish bastard you are, for pursuing a career that supports your country and keeps it from descending into anarchy. Fuck you, Dave, because it is entirely your fault that women aren’t as inclined to pursue leadership roles like being a Member of Parliament.

Women want more representation in politics, but none of them actually want to take on the responsibility of representation themselves; they want someone else to do it for them. 

“Too many men,” they say. “There are just too many Daves. This isn’t fair.”

Newsflash, Dave, you are a man. You are solely responsible for women avoiding politics. There are too many of you. Whatever you do, Dave, it means shit. No one is going to look up to you. Who gives a damn about your leadership skills, your integrity or honesty? You won’t ever be an inspiration or motivation for women pursuing politics, simply because you don’t have a vagina between your legs. As we all know, women only respect and admire other women.  

Holy shit, Dave, you didn’t think about that, did you?