hipsters are everywhere

marzipanrose  asked:

Heyo! As a resident of Olympia wa, I thought I might add some flavor to your whole cryptids in Seattle thing. Look up the Mima mounds, and the Seattle underground. There's also a whole crap ton of these touristy duck trucks around Seattle? ( they are land/water vehicles that give tours they are super fun,the drivers are pun maniacs) other small stuff raccoons are far more prevalent than opossums,hipsters are everywhere. Also salmon are important. In elementary school we learned about them a lot.

  • The Mima Mounds are definitely a Liminal place where all kinds of Cryptid Shit goes down.
  • probably also full of bodies, this place looks haunted as fuck
  • Those are definitely run by maniacs who are either cryptids or Seen Some Shit, probably both.
  • OK so magic is a natural phenomenon in this Universe, and the Salmon Run is both a vitally important ecological and magical event.
  • ANY water-related magic becomes much more potent, but also more volatile
  • Divining becomes much clearer during various runs.  King Salmon is better for divining the future, but Coho tells the past, and Humpback is good for matters of love and finance.
  • It’s Gary’s busy season.
  • As in, he stops business because he’s Busy devouring fish guts.
  • Its also an important time for wizards (Native and otherwise), who noticed the PNW’s ambient magic decreasing as the Salmon suffered, and did a lot of behind-the-scenes work with the EPA to get those protections in.

So I pressed watch on this promoted tweet n this man told me he “did the unthinkable” and joined the conservative party of Canada to prevent them electing a pro-Trump front runner. I knew shenanigans were a foot by the description “hipster millennials everywhere must-” but I’m curious if anyone in the sphere of Canadian politics knows if this is a good faith “down with the kids” attempt at conservative activism or if it’s a ridiculous troll. Also wondering if he’s wearing a “hipster” costume. 

i think it might be a good faith and also hip and with it thing. i checked out the website, and it doesn’t seem ridiculous. i know i’ve seen @allthecanadianpolitics proposing a similar strategy.

and i do know that i could pull a better hipster costume out of the clothes that are on the end of my bed right now.