I had this sitting on my desktop for weeks and finally finished it today. So have some hipster(?) Sherlock.

(I’ll be dressed like this, including pink phone + flower crown at the BASC tea party, if you want to find me and my hipster Watson, which you totally should because I want to meet you lovely people)

My dash is dead.

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- Doctor who


-Harry Potter

 Any of the actor too

-Percy Jackson


-Benedict Cumberbatch

-Tom Hiddleston

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-Any AU of Sherlock

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aaaaaahh ok

so i don’t post my stuff ‘cause i’m a tad self-conscious but erm i drew something and it’s not a disaster so yeah

it started off as a doodle of rugbyjohn picking balletsherlock up from practice but it turned into a full-fledged thing of rugbyhipstertattoojohn picking hipsterfashionistagenderfluidtattooballetsherlock from practice and then gone grocery shopping and walking home haha guess i was fueled on by the sights and people of atx

thanks so much to reapersun and msaether for their stuff that i referenced back and forth to (and i didn’t ask first i’m so sorry)