So I’m lurking my computer at work when I stumble across an album so aptly named “Shhh”. I’m intrigued. I open it up to find all these gem pictures that make me look like a raging alcoholic and definitely should have been deleted. Clearly I forgot; this folder is about 7 months old now. Fingers crossed no one lurks my folders at work. But I figured “hey, since they’re still on here why not share them.” So enjoy a laugh at my face’s expense. 

In the first picture I am drinking a beer on a river of alligators and piss at 9am. That was the only way I was going to survive the day. So myself and the other two loves in the canoe are getting pretty shitty and just careening into these spider filled bushes straight outta hell. But it was one of the best days ever celebrating my besfranz birthday. 

The second picture is at Charizard’s old apartment. Playing Battle Shots and lookin’ good. A great night barely remembered. I’m pretty sure Leah and Charlene had just rekindled their friendship around this time which made things all the better. I missed having Leah at Charlene’s parties with her newer friends. 

The third picture is me with the light of my life. This fucking precious cataracts babe is a Goddess. I will be a terrible horrible emotional wreck when she dies. I’ve already warned everyone; they are going to have to scoop me up off the floor. Hell. I bawl like a big ass baby when she gets sick, what is gonna happen when she floats on to the great nothing?