'forgotten knowledge' - InDeathItEnds

INDEATHITENDS ft. miserylab - We All Die…

As you know or not, Porl King (miserylab) with his new project In Death It Ends will release the first Cassette, yes cassette, the next 20th June 2012. For all the hipster fans of the WitchHouse/Hipstercore Mr. King also has a special digital download… The bad news… Will be only 100 copies SIGNED by Porl King, well I think so :)

With special versions of previously released tracks and new tracks like this one We All Die ft. miserylab.

hipstercore asked:

white ^_^

I get tempted into to do things too easily, and regret it massively after.

But I also have a habbit of messing things up so I don’t really know.

 I also hold a bit of a grudge towards people, but after the new years when I get back to school I’m going to try and sort all of the “problems” out and get one with people better. I hope.

Tumblr Crushes:

OOOOOH! The first two are my favourite people on Tumblr. But the percentages seem really wrong segdfiseryfikhdfjgherfjsgexdfjg. Just change it to 9352490875% for both of them :L
I don’t even recognise half of the others, oops :L