The Court of Douche-bags Annonymous: OOC Rant

When will people learn that making issues public never gets you anything but pain and hate? Now I’m not one to point fingers and name names but this is enough. I’m sick and tired of Tumblr becoming a forum for every douchebag, jackass, jerk-off and his dog to try to hurt people.

A few of you may have seen my post earlier about a lovely RP'er going by ‘asktherealjasontodd’ and their suicide scare and before anyone decides to tell me that Jason was just seeking attention or crying wolf for sympathy, you can kiss my computer chips because not only was this attempt genuine but I had to raise an alert with the Suicide Help Desk of Tumblr because things were that bad.

Now ’Hipster-I’m-not-Nightwing-Jordan’ and the aptly named ’Batcow’ not only want to downplay the gravity of this situation, but they also try to explain why it’s okay to write off another human being’s feelings, especially one as fragile as Jason.

I am not in any way condoning Jason’s actions, but that still does not excuse the blatant bullying these two have committed. If you have a problem with someone you have the guts and decency to say it to their face instead of spreading your hate all over a public forum while trying to ruin the positive relationships people have built. Those relationships can be the difference between handling a situation or the desperation that almost cost a life.

You both claim to have been lied to, to have created 'real, meaningful, loving relationships’ when I know for a fact that Jason was already IN a relationship. If you were deluded enough to believe yourselves in a relationship that that’s your own issues and has no baring what-so-ever on the matters you are so passionate about. Keep them to yourself.

What I am upset about is the childish behavior of both of these individuals. The fact that they displayed all the restraint and wisdom of a squalling toddler with a toothache and flouted another’s problems/wrong-doings for the world to see.

You do NOT have the medical degree required to judge a person’s mental status. Every single human being should be treated with respect, courtesy and common decency, something the both of you sorely lack. Jason is in a very bad place right now and it would be appreciated if all future correspondence was done with tact and decency or not at all. Get off your 'high horse’, get over yourselves and grow up.