• Max:Okay, let's go over this one more time. Hipster or Homeless pop quiz. Hipsters wear?
  • Han:Skinny jeans
  • Max:Homeless wear?
  • Han:Dirty jeans
  • Max:Hipsters listen to?
  • Han:Radiohead
  • Max:Homeless listen to?
  • Han:The voices in their head.
  • Max:Hipsters have?
  • Han:Beard and a blog
  • Max:Homeless have?
  • Han:Beard and so much sadness. ...I see sadness! There and there!
  • Max:I'll handle this. *ignores the homeless and walks up to hipsters* I told you before, I don't want your kind in here! Take a trendy hike! Better step it up, the Apple Store closes at 10.
  • Han:Max, why did you throw out the hipsters?
  • Max:Because I CANNOT be in the background of another Instagram photo.

- Max, Why did you kick out those hipsters?

- ‘Cause I could Not be in the background of another instagram picture…



Pop Quiz: Hipster or Homeless?

Hipster or Homeless Pop Quiz!
  • Hipsters wear?
  • Skinny jeans!
  • Homeless wear?
  • Dirty jeans...
  • Hipsters listen to?
  • Radiohead!
  • Homeless listen to?
  • The voices in their head...
  • Hipsters have?
  • Beard and a blog!
  • Homeless have?
  • Beard and so much sadness...

~Chugging coffee this morning like it’s my job.

~Had my second session with my new-old therapist. 

~In forty-five minutes the dog is being dropped off…I will have him here until Saturday freakin’ morning. I think Lucie is going to hate me forever.

~My hair has been disastrous lately between the fact that it’s just falling out like crazy because of whatever physically is going on with me & the change in the weather..I also lost the beanie that I usually wear on bad hair days…haha but I found another hat that a friend left at my house and decided to wear that…and I wore my big baggy sweatshirt too…my therapist teased me and goes, “hipster or homeless?” LOL. For those of you who don’t know, Kyle got me “Coloring for Grown-ups” for my birthday and one of the coloring activities is called “hipster or homeless..” so that is why she said that.

~I’m excited now, Ginny and I just made plans to go to Nightmare New England Spooky World! Yessssssssssss.

This Rooftop Garden Is Feeding Atlanta’s Homeless

Like skinny jeans, thick-framed eyeglasses, and a penchant for free-range, shade-grown coffee beans, urban gardens typically scream “hipster.” To its supporters, urban farming is not a trend but a movement—and in Atlanta, some of these devotees include a demographic that is decidedly not hipster: the homeless.

Most residents of Atlanta are familiar with the city’s largest homeless shelter, the Metro Atlanta Task Force for the Homeless. Situated along the border of the affluent downtown and midtown business districts, the shelter has a controversial and beleaguered reputation, as well as a troublesome relationship with the city. While local politics is rife with talk of gentrification and displacement, the rooftop of the shelter has quietly blossomed into an oasis of organic food and practical life experience for its residents.

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Continuing on the wave of anti-hipster propaganda, Hipster or Homeless is the most overt in their hipster hate when compared to other anti-hipster blogs like Halloween or Williamsburg which Wilson told you about earlier. You can actually drag the image of the hipster in question onto a bike or into a dumpster to cast your vote for which group they truly belong in. Totally un-PC, but all the same, an interesting cultural study on what has become of the hipster in the eyes of the internet.