hipster witch says

Hipster Witch Says- You can demand they tell you all you want but honestly it just makes you look like a jerk. If ,by the person’s superb kindness and unending grace, they decide to tell you then you should listen carefully because it’s none of your business in the first place. Turns out if you ask kindly and not in a threatening manner, more people will be more willing to give you meaningful answers.

Hipster Witch Says: remember that your religion is not the only one to use witchcraft. Witchcraft belongs to the witch and if the witch chooses to use it with their religion then that’s their choice. It is up to their religion to govern how they use it at that point, not you.

Hipster Witch Says: it’s that time of year kids! I know you want to be all edgy and cool and jump on the Christians stole Yule bandwagon but if you really want to be cool how about you don’t. All the dribble that falls out about it is misinformation and by repeating it you will look like a fool. So let’s have a nice holiday season and not erase Yule just to stick it to us Christians.

Hipster Witch Says: It is up to the person as to what they want to Identify as. This can be said over many different things. Gender, Religion, Practice… Just because a person may worship a certain way or practice a certain way does not make them a certain thing unless they say they identify as such. The same goes with if they identify as it but do not practice like you think they should.. to bad. They still identify as it. 

Edit:  Unless they’re claiming an identity they have no rights to due to requirements for use.

Hipster Witch Says: Christmas and Yule are different Holidays. Yule is celebrated on the solstice usually around the 21st of December and Christmas is the 24th and 25th of December. It is no secret that Christmas was placed where it was to help in conversion but also when Holidays shared the same season they often decorated with the nature around them. Logically it is not a far fetched idea that the holidays would have similar decorations. Also with people converting they would bring secular traditions over from one holiday to another. That being said. Do not go around talking about how Christians stole your holiday when your holiday is still there and you are erasing it just to bitch about the evil Christians. Let’s have a nice Holiday season this year. Christmas can be secular thanks to marketing and advertising. So let’s share and be good boys, and girls, and everything in between and around, this year.