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  • People Who Rightfully Mainlined TAZ At It's Glorious End: Can we talk about Jim Job Joe McGee, the heroic cinnamon roll who jumped through the clouds in one single magnificent arc, appearing for two seconds in The Rockport Limited but leaving a forever impression on all our hearts?
  • Me, Who Listened To The Rockport Limited Arc In 2015 While Half Asleep On A Bus: wha
'All your base...are belong to us'
hanzo fucking shimada
'All your base...are belong to us'

i saw some people talking about this audio clip being a Real Thing That Actually Exists and was like “no that can’t be true” and then i found it after spending around an hour looking and i’m posting it now because i don’t want to have gone on incognito to search “hanzo shimada ‘all your base’” for fucking nothing

Do I mind texting first? No, I will show that I care about you. Do I mind texting first for weeks and basically talk to myself for a whole conversation? Yeah, I kinda do. So forgive me if I’m done trying.
—  you had your chances