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Derek finds Will on a beach in Maine, just as the sun is beginning to set, and when he gets out of his car, he’s struck once again with how fucking beautiful Will looks.

The orange glow the sunset is casting makes his hair look almost gold, matching the dark yellow of the flannel he was wearing (and with a jolt, Derek realizes that the flannel is his, one he hadn’t seen in ages, just a little big on Will).

Will’s sweats are rolled up to his knees, sand flecked up his shins and covering his feet, and he looks more loose and at home than Derek has seen him in a long while, and he’s almost sure if he could see Will’s face, there would be a small smile on his face as he looks out on the water.

But then again, Derek can never be sure of what Will’s thinking, even after all these years.

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Bisexual + Hipster/Alternative | Requested by Anon |

Hey friend (and everyone else that’s requested), sorry that some of these take forever! There are, no joke, 250+ requests in our ask box. So, we’re doing as much as we can! Thanks for your understanding and patience :)

And Anon, I hope you like it! :)

-Mod Will @bxmyaxsthxtic :)

throne of glass modern au where aelin and rowan watch game of thrones in their pajamas and scream at the tv whenever they spot a tactic gone wrong

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he’s and extra fucking hipster type who’s obsessed with france and buys timeshares