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idgi when people at my school would shit on mainstream classical music (i.e. Chopin's Nocturne 9 or Elgar's Cello Concerto) like ffs just leave me and my music be why are there hipsters now in the classical genre??? at least in my school??

there are hipsters everywhere, tbh there are two types of hipster in classical music, there’s the if you’ve heard of it it’s bad hipster and there’s the if it’s written before 1940 it’s not real music hipster

throne of glass modern au where aelin and rowan watch game of thrones in their pajamas and scream at the tv whenever they spot a tactic gone wrong

Derek finds Will on a beach in Maine, just as the sun is beginning to set, and when he gets out of his car, he’s struck once again with how fucking beautiful Will looks.

The orange glow the sunset is casting makes his hair look almost gold, matching the dark yellow of the flannel he was wearing (and with a jolt, Derek realizes that the flannel is his, one he hadn’t seen in ages, just a little big on Will).

Will’s sweats are rolled up to his knees, sand flecked up his shins and covering his feet, and he looks more loose and at home than Derek has seen him in a long while, and he’s almost sure if he could see Will’s face, there would be a small smile on his face as he looks out on the water.

But then again, Derek can never be sure of what Will’s thinking, even after all these years.

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I just keep thinking about like… what the Voltron crew would be like on Tumblr.

Everyone assumes Lance runs a hipster or aesthetic blog. But they’re wrong. Lance, runs a supernatural blog. Lance was here for mishapocalyps. For the gif wars. Biggest blog.

Keith’s blog is cryptids and Jacksepticeye I’m just fucking saying. Plus the occasional fanders Virgil reblog. Has 100+ followers. Thinks he’s cool. Is that one guy who comments aliens on any post that’s like “Where did this fandom come from?” Nighvale.

Pidge is like… the old school nightbloggers that everyone thought was high but in reality they were the biggest fucking troll. Has the second biggest blog after Lance.

Hunk is a PjO and Harry Potter blog, Pry this from my cold dead hands. The boy!! Loves!! Those!! Books!! He’s a hufflepuff (or ravenclaw)!! He’s a son of Hephaestus!! He has like… 500 followers and is blessed.

Shiro has a hipster blog. Like… so hipster. Like posts about space but not the cool ones. He reblogs a lot of aesthetic. It’s vaguely referenced that he’s in a fandom but no one knows which. (Spoiler it’s all of them). Like 60 followers but he blows up after him and lance get into a classic Hipster v. Fandom.

Allura has a secret blog that she’s not aloud to have and it basically takes down and exposes other blogs. Like… she’ll expose people who steal content, who say racist things or white wash. She’s in every fandom and is know for being a heckin good political blog.

Coran doesn’t Tumblr. Coran maybe created Tumblr. Who knows.

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