hipster tastes

I wanna know more about the handmaidens of Naboo.

Like, give me the time that Yané snuck a cat into the palace without realizing it was pregnant and then half the palace was overrun with kittens.

Tell me about the time a foreign dignitary mistook Sabé for Padmé and the Queen just rolled with it because she had a massive headache and Sabé could handle it (Sabé negotiates a trade contract so well that Padmé jokes that maybe the Naboo elected the wrong person).

Tell me about Eirtaé and Saché having a long running competition on the shooting range about who’s the better shot (Eirtaé is better with pistols, but Saché is a holy terror if you give her a rifle).

I wanna hear about Rabé, who daydreamed about being a fighter pilot and studied astronomy and astrophysics in addition to her royal duties, and dragged all the other handmaidens out one night to watch a meteor shower.

I bet Eirtaé had weird hipster music taste and everyone pretended to hate it, but Padmé finds herself humming a song from some underground Corellian band during a state dinner one night.

Whenever one of the handmaiden’s family members asks “so what are you going to do when the queen leaves office?” They all answer “become a hairdresser” so many times that people finally stop asking.

Tell me about Yané assembling a massive spy ring and running it well, so that by the time Amidala leaves office they have spies reporting in everywhere from the heart of Coruscant to the edge of Hutt space.

Like, one time a well-dressed girl gang got together and ran a planet, and I wanna know more about it.