hipster skins

Sabrina Seabreeze

Lilac skin, aqua eyes,

Magnolia blush hair,

Purple Celtic tattoos serpentine and square.

She moves as her name indicates,

With cute smooth moves and grace.

Flowing robes of sea blue green and magenta,

Professor of Elemental Magic

At the University of Magic Centre.

Consultant to Skulduggery Pleasant,

Expertise to dispense to the detective.

Battles against those of ill will,

Using her silver crescent,

Fairy tale Diana curve and arrow,

Powerful weapon of cupids bow,

To keep back the flow,

Of the criminally evil.

Taking them down in a row.

She may be little, but is not slow.

Yoda fast and wise as witches go.

Feels the fear but is brave also.

That’s who I would be –

In an alternative reality.

- Lisa Lopresti