hipster sinclair


On the great advice of Todd Nauck, I had my artjam worked on by Alex sinclair to color in the back three characters. Alex did an amazing job, adding texture to their clothes and keeping the Kris Anka Drax tattoos vibrant. While the piece itself is super cool, I think I’ll never do a full figure art jam ever again given how much trouble its been. I still need to get a proper scan of it as well, due to its size. Anyway it is almost done, all I need is a Hipster Groot. Whatever that looks like!

@toddnauck - Gamora 

@mikegoesgeek - Rocket

@bradshawnk @karibuillustrations - Angela

@kristaferanka - Drax

@joequinones - Captain Marvel

@kevinwada - Starlord

Alex Sinclair - Color for Arthur, Carol, Peter