hipster sandwich

Chubbies: Part 1 (Community Story)

Written by Gainer Stories

Gabriel knew that he was into beer bellies before he even knew he was gay. Growing up in the digital age meant that he could explore his kink the moment he developed sexual desires. Gabe flew head first, or, rather, cock first, into the online gainer community- particularly via YouTube. He was self-assured in his desire to grow fatter and hopefully begin a mutual gaining relationship with somebody one day. He dove into the gaining community at 14, uploading a few videos depicting minor growth. He soon discovered that gaining chub as a skinny teenager was not as easy as it seemed. He would get full incredibly fast and had an unrelenting metabolism. Gabe would repeatedly grow frustrated, delete his videos, and then start over again a few months later. 

The fledgeling gainer started college at 18 and was only a few pounds heavier from his early YouTube days. He hoped that university would bring the customary freshman fifteen, but even a constant supply of unhealthy mess hall food didn’t do significant damage to his waist line. By the time he was ready to graduate, Gabe had given up on his weight. He’d come to grips with the fact that his metabolism likely wouldn’t slow down until his thirties. He replaced his goal of getting chubby with a new goal of finding a chubby boy. Gabe had only hooked up with a handful of boys in life and they all had skinny to average body types. It was time that he found a real porker, or at least someone willing to pile on the pounds. He tried all the apps, but Grommr, Growlr and Scruff yielded no results. His big break came along only a couple months after graduating university. Gabe got a job at Chubbies, a local hipster sandwich shop known for its deliciously fattening and affordable sandwiches. Surely, Gabe thought, this job would put him in contact with some curvy cuties. 

He wore the hippest outfit he could muster on his first day of work only to have to cover it up with a black apron. He was trained on the register first, and told that in a few months he would be trained him on kitchen duties and sandwich assembly. The job seemed chill enough for what he was paid, plus his coworkers seemed pretty cool. There were three women, two guys (one straight and one gay), and then Gabe. The straight one, Jimbo, was a hipster cliché replete with man bun, skinny jeans, and dadbod. The gay one, Michael, was a hip bear in his thirties who Gabe found somewhat intimidating and somewhat attractive. 

Three months passed since Gabe started working at Chubbies and he began to notice an unexpected change in his body. Had he inadvertently gained some weight? His thighs were filling out his pants for the first time ever, and when he sat down a small roll formed above his pants. It must have been all the free food from the store. He got a free sandwich and shake every day and had been taking home jugs of macaroni salad that would otherwise be thrown away. This newfound chub lit a fire in Gabe’s stomach and loins. He weighed himself the next morning and made a note of the numbers in his phone. 

The next two months Gabe stuffed his face whenever he could. He found that he was spending far more money on food than he ever had before, which meant cutting back on other luxuries. Putting on weight was a worth it though, and the shift in habits was definitely leaving its mark. It wasn’t long before Gabe had a nice squishy bubble butt and juicy thighs to match. His belly was growing too, but at a much slower rate than his lower body. Tight shirts showed off a small pooch and he took great pride in tying his apron just under his belly to accentuate his paunch. Gabe’s soft curves were incredibly arousing and he could barely go five minutes without thinking about the potential of his expanding body. At last he had found an inroad to gaining! Now the only missing piece of the puzzle was someone to share that with. 

Gabe woke in a particularly good mood after a night of binge watching and binge eating. He rubbed his eyes and stumbled to the bathroom where he stepped on the scale for the first time in the two months since he was hired. He had gained a solid fifteen pounds since being hired at Chubbies. Feeling plump and confident he squeezed into some short shorts and marched into work.

Every chapter of this community story is written by a different author from the gaining community. If you’d like to participate, please read the introductory post here. Happy fapping!