hipster pub

exo at the pub


• already had pre drinks at home before coming to the bar

• beer snob

• coming to the pub is a win win thing for him, they have soccer matches on the big screen and they provide alcohol and food

• every time he’s challenged to a drinking game of who can drink the most he says he’s not good at this game…he always wins

• once he’s a bit drunk tipsy his confidence grows substantially. very loud and obnoxious 

• lots of yelling/cheering/chanting (eg. drink! drink! drink! drink! drink!)


• a “social drinker” 

• comes during happy hour

• wine snob

• always on the search for an ATM because he never brings cash

• likes playing the poker machines

• ends up being the babysitter for all his drunk friends


• he has a very low drinking tolerance so he rarely goes out to pubs. he prefers drinking at home

• but when he does, he makes sure to have a plan B to get back home safely and a good friend to guide him throughout the night so that he won’t do anything too stupid

• lost his phone, asks everyone at the pub if they’ve seen it. (it’s in his pocket)

• after finishing a couple of drinks, he stacks the cups together and brings it back to the server

• women buys him drinks and he says thank you (that’s as far as it progresses) 

• when he gets a bit tipsy he tends to drape his arms around his friends and asks deep questions about life and society


• enjoys a cold beer after work and what goes well with a cold beer? A large     t bone steak with chips, vegies and gravy 

• enjoys playing pool with his mates 

• when he gets up to go buy himself another drink he asks his mates if they want another round. he ends up buying multiple drinks and he tries to carry them all at once back to the table

• he’s the reason why the floor is always sticky

• likes to participate in skulling and chugging competitions

• once he becomes quite drunk he becomes more quiet and mellow. sometimes he is even a bit sensitive (he cries)


• most likely doing a pub crawl with his mates so he’ll already be a bit tipsy with pre drinks

• announces his arrival each time he enters the pub

• changes the music played by the jukebox

• a regular participant during karaoke nights

• the bartender starts to refuse him drinks as the night goes on

• becomes more and more sleepy the more he drinks. falls asleep on the toilet when he reaches home


• goes to the pub every weekend

• usually drinking with his friends but he will ditch them if a lady catches his eye (his friends will make bets on if he will be successful in getting their number)

• when he sees a woman he is interested in he will buy her a drink and start a conversation

• dedicates songs he sings during karaoke to her

• sometimes he’s lucky and sometimes he’ll end up catching a taxi with his friends back home(after his friends mock him)

• becomes more smooth the more he drinks. sometimes he can come off as sleezy rather than smooth


• he doesn’t go to the pub by himself, he enjoys going with either friends or family

• he doesn’t drink a lot, just enough to keep him happy 

• he’s shy around women and it doesn’t help when his friends invite women to sit with them and they introduce him as a cute and charming bachelor

• he tends to scoot away and sit on the bar stool with his drink by himself when it gets too much. he makes friends with all the bartenders

• since he is small he gets pushed and knocked into a lot by people walking past who are carrying multiple drinks (he gets drinks spilled on him and he’s sticky and grumpy for the rest of the night)

• if he does get a bit drunk though, he talks a lot more and he becomes a mini encyclopedia that says random facts 


• a casual drinker. he likes going out for drinks with his friends and/or his girlfriend

• enjoys visiting hipster pubs since for their chill atmosphere and music. plus it’s more cozy when he’s just with his girlfriend

• and because they have a cute lil pub dog running around

• he usually has an early night since he enjoys his sleep and has an early start each day (if the night goes on too long he’ll fall asleep wherever he’s comfy)

• enjoys dancing when he’s a bit tipsy and goes full out when he’s drunk

• very giggly when drunk and the volume of his laugh increases as he drinks


• has to show his ID each time he tries to enter the pub while his friends just enter

• determined to make his friends do shots with him

• his friends likes to dare him to go up to a group of women and try to get at least 1 phone number (he usually succeeds)

• starts falling over when gets tipsy but still giggling

• stays until the pub has to close and kicks him out

• loves hugs and cuddling with his mates once he is a bit drunk


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