hipster oversized sweater

how the signs dress

please look for your rising sign here

Aries : sporty, sneakers, many hoodies and always jeans

Taurus : conservative, much black and white, sometimes skirts and dresses

Gemini : switches between the styles, modern, loves accessories

Cancer : sticks to their style, many light colors, many skirts, flats

Leo : expensive, many designer brands, always wears whats in

Virgo : very feminine, heels, dresses, well put together outfits

Libra : classy, great fashion sense, expensive, also many designer brands

Scorpio : sexy, much black, killer heels, wears both : pants and dresses

Sagittarius : cool, looks effortly flawless, leather jackets, boots

Capricorn : may be totally into style or totally not, has their own style

Aquarius : the hipster, glasses, oversized sweaters, high knee socks

Pisces : cute, skirts, dresses, crop tops, feminine, sneakers