hipster mantra


Inspired on a notebook I bought the past month. I was at a hipster bazaar, in Mexico city, those places where everything is artisan, the food is gluten free and organic, and people is selling really weird useless things. I joked by inventing to one of the food sellers that I was very allergic to organic food and the one that has no conservatives.

This little notebook was not really cheap at all, but I liked the paper, that texture of recycled paper, so I thought it was really cool to make it a nice sketchbook. I did a color pencils picture on it and in my opinion looks great, so most of the little sketches I’m doing on this sketchbook are with color and black and white markers.

Biro the fox, singing an Om, concentrating and levitating. Just exactly what all my fans wanted to see, right?

BTW you can purchase this design on a T-shirt, hoodie, sticker, notebook, mug….
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