hipster in disguise

Secret identity Bucky Barnes!

Bucky deciding he doesn’t want to be the all-American propaganda Symbol Of Loyalty And Sacrifice that comes with being Sergeant Barnes. So he gets a Brooklyn apartment and a record player and brainstorms new names.

By night he’s the Winter Soldier. By day he’s another Brooklyn hipster drinking Starbucks and listening to weird indie bands. He wears scarves. He hangs up fairy lights around his apartment like minimalist bedrooms in those aesthetic posts. He has at least three plants.

And then he introduces Steve to his new hipster artist friends and Steve starts doing street art and using that hipster disguise Nat helped him with whenever he needs a break from being Captain America.

Secret identity Brooklyn Boys! Inventing their backstories as they go to annoy each other! Taking obnoxious selfies! Having a life outside of being Avengers!