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It blows my mind when I think about the variety of Tumblr. We go from unique photography with stylish outfits to intense gay smut with a man and an angel of the lord and crying over a blue telephone box.

Dust for impalatic for requested Dean and Cas #5

((I broke the rules a little, still stuck to my green and browns but it kinda took over, hope thats okay. i used a AU destiel thats full of pining))

12 Track ii: Destiel College AU about best friends that crossed a line once and never undid the damage it caused.

All Dean knew about Cas was that he was trouble. Trouble that he learned was worth it, with the way he treated him, with the way Cas made him feel. He fell head over heels for the kid with the tattoos and piercings and obscure music taste, and that kid made him believe that maybe he felt it too. Out of fear, neither said anything, preserving the fragile balance of what they had.
So one misunderstanding and it was shattered.

Separation. Personal growth. Here they are again, in college. Dean ditched glasses for contacts and plays for the college soccer team; Cas took out some of his piercings and picked up yoga (of all things). Parting may have dampened it, but neither forgot, neither were willing to let go of the feeling the other inspired.
Now all they need to do is let it happen. Let the twelfth track play, put the disk on repeat and just let it happen.

summary by succulent-sam

There are two sides to Tumblr

Side one: Pictures of Starbuck, and girls with dip-dyed hair, and edited sunsets, and inspirational quotes.
Side two: People crying over fictional gay couples

There is something that really upsets me on here

It’s this “There are 2 types of girls in the world”-thing.
Like, there are the girly girls with fashionable outfits, perfect contouring, luscious hair, eating fruitsalats and greek yoghurt while reading the vogue.
And then there are the other girls who love sweatpants, read fanfic and smut while eating pizza, part of lgbt+, wear messy buns and binge watch tv shows.
I feel like not fitting in. I love putting makeup on and wearing Overknees and have my hair done etc but I’m also a huge Harry Potter nerd and read Destiel smut and sometimes don’t shave my legs for like a month and I love talk about my cats who are my favourite living things on this planet.
I’m neither ordinary nor unordinary, both weird&nerdy and cute&girly why is it always “these girls” or “those girls”?

  • Brain: Let`s stay awake till 4AM
  • Me: Wha...
  • Brain: oh and think about everyting embarresing you ever did
  • Me: The hell?
  • Brain: oh and btw everybody hates you
  • Me: What no...?
  • Brain: You do realize you have to be awake at 7AM and it is 5 AM right ?
  • Me: .......
  • Me: .......
My dashboard is dead.

If u post any of these:

Drarry (Harry Potter);
Philas (Eyewitness)
Larry (1D);
Malec (Shadowhunter);
Destiel (Supernatural);
some capricorn (!) stuff or maybe zodiac stuffs idk;
any other ship, I really can’t remember all of them;
hipster and/or aesthetic;

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  • Me: *in shower*
  • Me: * thinking about song lyrics*
  • Me: * thinking about reason of existence*
  • Me: * thinking about all the cool ideas I have I and want to text my bff*
  • Me: *thinking about all the stuff I have to do and order myself to do them in the right order*
  • Me: * singing in shower*
  • Me: *gets off shower*
  • Me: ........
  • Me: ........
  • Me: ........
  • Me: * falling in bed thinking
  • " wow that was exhausting"*

And I don’t want to let this go
I don’t want to lose control
And I don’t want to say goodbye
Someone tell me why
I just want to see the stars with you

{The fault in our stars - Troye Sivan}