hipster boyfriends

Concept: taking a road trip with you, but not having a set destination. We’re just enjoying the open road, our favorite music, each other’s company, and the endless possibilities of where we could end up.

Concept: Taking a midnight drive down a deserted dirt road, surrounded by nothing but open fields, a lake, and a clear night sky decorated by only the brightest stars.
You decide to pull over and we lay on the hood of the car so we can stargaze. You point out your favorite constellations but I can’t stop looking at the faces you make when you talk about the universe.

Rainy Morning

Concept: I sleep over at your house and we wake up the next morning to see it’s pouring outside. You get out of bed and disappear into the kitchen and I get out of bed to open all the windows. A cool breeze and the scent of rain take over the entire room. You come back with two cups of tea and we crawl back into bed. We spend the rest of the morning tangled up in each other, enjoying our tea and the sound of the rain hitting the roof. There’s no other place in the world we’d rather be.