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H2OVanoss Hipster/Punk AU

So @thegamingonion said I didn’t have to credit them but I think it’s their post that inspried me to write this so fuck that :)

This is a short first chapter of a fic that could have a second chapter. I’m not sure yet if ‘m going to post it though so let me know if you want me to continue this or not :D

Quick disclaimer: I have no real idea what hipsters in countries other than germany are like so I’m basing this on my personal experiences over the years BUT I considered myself a badass punk when I was a teenager so the description of Delirious is pretty much me (or how I liked to see myself) when I was younger ;)

I hope you like it :)

The pub was warm and reeked of booze and sweat and the music was loud and consisted of only three chords. Jonathan loved it here; it was his favourite place to spend the night.
“This is so awesome. I swear this place is so underground, it’s great.”
“Yeah, the vibes here are amazing, dude.”
Correction: It had been his favourite place, until a few weeks ago some blogger had discovered the shabby bar and decided that it was THE new In-location. Since then almost every evening the place was crowded with young people in their early to mid-twenties, mostly wearing skinny jeans, ridiculously big glasses, crop tops and with an obligatory bag made out of jute, with either a floral pattern or an edgy phrase printed on it, hanging from their shoulders. Jonathan scoffed and downed the remains of his beer.
He didn’t really have anything against hipsters. He strongly believed that everybody should be allowed to dress way they wanted. Jonathan himself had started to express himself through his tattoos and piercings so he could see the appeal a certain way of dressing could have.
What really grinded his gears were all those obnoxiously loud people crowding his favourite pub, trying to make it something it wasn’t: a hip place.
Jonathan swallowed down his annoyance and walked over to the counter to get a new beer and was just about to take a sip when someone collided with him from behind, causing the dark-haired man to spill his beverage.
“I’m so sorry. I tried to join the moshpit but it seems that I’m not cut out for that. You’d think that playing hockey would help but it really doesn’t. Are you okay?”
Jonathan turned around to make out the source of the voice and saw an attractive man of Asian descent standing in front of him. He seemed to be a couple of years younger although he was slightly taller and he obviously belonged to one of the groups of hipsters that suddenly seemed to have discovered their love for punk music.  The apologetic smile the stranger gave him lit his face up and made it even more handsome. It was disarming and to his surprise Jonathan found himself returning the smile as his anger went up in smoke.
“It’s alright.” The older man replied and shrugged. “I can get a new beer.”
“Oh, no, please let me pay for that.” The other man said quickly.”
“That’s really not necessary.” Jonathan tried to turn him down but the stranger insisted so he eventually agreed and the stranger waved to get the attention of the barkeeper to order a new beer for him. When he handed Jonathan the bottle he smiled again.
“I’m Evan by the way.” He introduced himself.
“Jonathan.” The shorter man responded.
Jonathan glanced down at himself, his dark attire, torn jeans, tattooed arms and combat boots before looking around the shabby bar.
“What makes you think that?”” He asked with sarcasm dripping from his voice.
Evan chuckled and rubbed the back of his head.
“I guess it must really suck that we’re now crowding the place.” He said, gesturing over to a group of girls wearing almost the exact same outfit.
“As long as you guys don’t turn this into a karaoke bar I’ll probably live.” Jonathan answered, making Evan laugh again.
“You’re funny. Is there any chance you’re into guys?”
“You’re quite forward.” Jonathan said and smoothly avoided giving a clear answer but couldn’t ignore the warm feeling that Evan’s advances caused in his stomach.
The taller man just grinned at him cheekily and turned to face the bartender again in order to get himself a drink. That gave Jonathan a chance to give him a quick once-over and he had to admit that he liked what he saw. Evan was well-build which was complimented by the shirt he was wearing. It had a cat printed on the front and it fit him nicely, hugging his defined biceps.
The younger man’s hair was a bit longer than his own and Jonathan had the ridiculous urge to run his fingers through the soft strands of black hair.
Hanging from his broad shoulders was the obligatory bag but instead of an edgy slogan there was something very different printed on it.
“You like ‘The Walking Dead’?” Jonathan wanted to know, trying not to sound too excited.
Evan looked down at his bag before glancing back up and giving him another one of his breath-taking smiles.
“Sure. I love the show, it’s one of my favourites along with ‘The Office’ and ‘Spongebob Squarepants’. I know the last one is kinda weird but-“
“Do you wanna go out with me?” Jonathan blurted out, interrupting Evan who seemed to be taken aback for a second before nodding eagerly.
“I’d love to.” He responded, his dark eyes sparkling behind his giant glasses. “I guess you don’t wanna go to Starbucks with me, right?” He joked and Jonathan giggled at that before shaking his head.
“Hell no but I suppose you’re not into lots of the stuff that I like to do.”
“Why don’t we make a compromise?” Evan suggested, making the older man raise an eyebrow.
“A compromise?”
“Well, maybe more a challenge than a compromise.”
“I’m listening.”
“We simply go on two dates and the mission of the dates is to torture the other with some cliché stuff. “
Jonathan flashed him a brilliant smile. That sounded like fun.