commission for queersherlockian~! genderfluid-hipster sherlock and punk-john sharing smoochie smoochums uwu ze gave me free reign with the tattoo designs… actually ze gave me free reign with pretty much all of it ahaHAHAHAHAHAHAH

sherlock’s tattoos: wings, roses, skull, bees, lace, deer skull (other arm)
john’s tattoos: bullets, dog tags, gun, journal/diary, flame designs, …..cup of tea :|

thank you darling blossom for commissioning me, this was super fun to draw <3

PODFIC ‘Second Life’ written and read by 221b_hound   

I always fangirl and rave a lot about the Captains of Industry series by @221b-hound… Since the lovely writer is a kind kind person, she recorded two of her stories (second comming soon!) and allowed me to edit the audio files.  All kudos to her.

So now you and I can hear the lovely tale of one hipster Barista John and his adored Sherlock.

Second Life


John and Sherlock participate in the Great Australian Tradition of claiming stuff on Hard Rubbish Day. Whether they realise it or not, they are both geniuses at reclaiming abandoned things, finding love and joy and purpose in things others had given up on. Each other, most of all.

Find more here on Tumblr on @captainsofjohnlock

'Rain Song’ by Jess Harris and Narrelle M Harris, performed by Jess Harris.
Jessshreds – Rain-song

Tagging @atlinmerrick bc the fic was a gift to her and I guess the podfic is too :)